Corrective Breast Surgery

February 15, 2011 by moi 

I was talking to a former patient who has a friend who is now unpleased with how her breast implants look.   She wondered if that is very common.  I can tell you that it is quite common. Sometimes the issue stems from a ruptured or leaking implant. Many women don’t realize that breast implants don’t last forever and sometimes they need to be replaced.

I also see a lot of women who  have become dissatisfied with the appearance of their breast implants. Sometimes it’s a breast augmentation patient with subglandular saline implants (placed behind the breast tissue, but over the muscle) . Subglandular implants seem to work well initially and the majority of patients have good long-term results. However, those who experience pregnancy or weight loss can have poor results due to stretching of the skin or capsular contraction, a condition characterized by scar tightening around the implants that makes them hard to the touch or causes an uneven shape. 

I have progressively opted to do more and more of my patient’s augmentations subpectoral (behind the muscle). The subpectoral augmentation is much more demanding in terms of exact placement of the implants. Breast symmetry is also more difficult . That is why the skill of the cosmetic surgeon is critical .

Common problems that can occur include:

  • Implants that are placed too high;
  • Developing the “double bubble” effect (this occurs when the muscle still attached to the underside of the breast produces a visible crease across the bottom half of the breast);
  • And the implants may migrate laterally over time into the armpit, thereby losing the projection in front and desired cleavage.

Other problems worth mentioning here are:

  • Poorly selected implants in terms of shape and form
  • Over-inflated implants
  • Implants that slip under the breast
  • Ugly scars
  • Breast asymmetry – one breast bigger than the other.

I call these less-than-satisfactory results “secondary breast deformities.” As mentioned earlier, weight loss or pregnancy may be to blame.  Unfortunately, however, I am also seeing far too many breast implant problems that are the result of a poorly done surgery by an inexperienced surgeon or that occur when an experienced plastic surgeon refuses to update his skills and techniques, relying on outdated methods that do not produce the best results for patients.

It is true that even the best surgeon may occasionally have a result that is less than perfect. The difference is that a qualified, competent and caring plastic surgeon will take the time to work with the patient and develop a plan for the appropriate corrective action.

I now consider myself an expert in corrective breast surgery due to the sheer number of patients whom I have had the honor to help with breast implant problems. It is amazing to see the boost in self image and self confidence this brings to these patients.

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