Decabol Drug Profile

March 22, 2011 by moi 

Decabol is the British Dragon trade name for the normally known steroid Deca Duroblin (marketed by other labs) with some changes in the dosage pattern. Known as Deca a lot more frequently, the steroid has been one of the more popular body building substances of current years} and has been known to act on muscle mass  like no other. Deca is normally utilized in a mix with various steroids. Such mixtures, however, should always be tried out  after authorization from a certified practitioner since such combos can throw the testosterone count off balance. Luckily, with advancements in compound technology, such circumstances of testosterone off-balance have been mainly reduced.

Decabol is known to be more of a progestin, but the excellent thing with this steroid is that it doesn’t present strictly estrogenic side effects- therefore making it quite a responsive compound for the duration of many bulking and cut cycles. The process of aromatization (that is the conversion of a substance to estrogen utilizing the aromatase enzyme) has known to be fairly slow in the case of decabol- which is a excellent thing.

The muscle gaining abilities of Deca are quite exceptional and this is one of the very few steroids which have been effectively examined on HIV sufferers to simulate sustained weight gain. This steroid is known to perform very well for both of the body building cycles- bulking and cutting. For cutting however, the short-estered version of the deca is thought  to be better  .

Decabol is known to be quite a persistent drug and doses have to be applied accordingly. The doses are known to exist in the body for a fairly lengthy period of time and therefore, the injections are normally provided one time per  week- irrespective of the amount of the dose. Apart from, given that two consecutive deca doses are spaced at least  seven days apart, the entire ntake commonly remains for a interval of 10 to 12 weeks at a stretch.

Coming to the terminology, the title “Deca” has been derived from a fashionable solution that was accessible over the counter in the 80s-  Deca Duroblin. Nonetheless, technically speaking, Deca is nothing but a progestin made by getting rid of a carbon atom of the steran nucleus at the 19th position.

To sum it up, Deca is one of the most favored steroids for bulking up and gaining muscle mass. The substance additionally helps in cutting down the degree of body fat, and shows few or no side effects –  giving deca the reputation of  being safe  and efficient body building products  of our time  .


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