Do You Buy Into Celebrity Workouts

March 9, 2011 by moi 

You don’t need to be a celebrity to get a celebrity inspired workout at home.  These workouts are what you need to get into the right shape and they don’t involve a lot of money or a famous trainer. Just some simple basics and a few pieces of small equipment are required before you can start.

First of all, the very best way to do a celebrity inspired workout is to own one of the many DVDs that celebrities endorse. Tracey Anderson is the hottest trainer in Hollywood  at present and happens to have DVDs on the market that give you the exact same workout done by her celebrity clients like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. Well, not the exact same. Here’s the truth : the only real way to workout like Madonna is to be Madonna. Already done. But you can get the same exercises and routines that she has done and at a mere fraction of the cost.

If you’re not a DVD workout kind of person, you can also opt for a book.  Harley Pasternak is a big hollywood trainer (Halle Berry) and has many books out about his methods all with very good photographic examples. Bob Greene of Oprah fame is another well published trainer to the stars. Books are a great means to learn about new methods of working out and act as a visual reference that you can everlastingly go back to.

Do you like to try a celebrity gym workout minus the trendy workout place?  Physique 57, The Bar Method, and Core Fusion are all celebrity hot spots with their Lotte Burke Method and Pilates inspired moves. These three workouts are offered only in exclusive settings, but you can get the same benefits right at home with one of their new DVDs. Perhaps you want something specific like Jessica Biel’s arms or Jennifer Aniston’s bottom? You might be surprised that some of the best bodies in Hollywood get that way from very basic workouts that don’t  need many equipment.

Jessica Biel’s arms are the result of a lot of strength training with free weights and good old fashioned pushups. Jennifer Aniston contributes her bottom’s physique to Yoga. Neither of them would do something that you too cannot work on at home. All it takes is a little patience and tenacity.

But the real secret to the stars beautiful bodies is not really a secret at all. Hard work. Really hard work. If you had the money and schedule to hire the best trainers to work you out five days a week for two hours a day, you would look like the stars too. That is not to say that you can’t, just that you always need to have some perspective when coveting the hollywood bods. Any kind of workout you pick  to do at home, be it the celebrity kind or not, should be composed of all the basic elements: Strength training, flexibility, and cardio.  Go for a variety of programs to keep you on track and to keep you and your muscles from getting bored.


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