Expert Gynaecologist Help And Advice

March 16, 2011 by moi 

In this article I will be writing about the help and support that has been offered to my girlfriend by a local expert consultant gynaecologist. My girlfriend who is called Paula has had problems with heavy periods for the last few years and I am happy to report that she has finally managed to find a solution.

I have been dating Paula for the last three years however it has only been in the last few months that she has opened up about having these heavy periods (menorrhagia). I have to say that I had suspected that something may have been wrong as she always seemed to become overly troubled and moody during her time of the month. I have had a number of girlfriends and even though they have had difficult “periods” this was altogether different.

Paula eventually opened up basically due to the fact she had become worried that there may have been something, health wise, seriously wrong with her. We have also started to discuss about the possibility of marriage and having children together – she was also some what concerned that she may not be able to conceive. Paula did not want to marry me if she would be unable to become pregnant – this is simply the way she is. I attempted to re-assure her that if she was unable to conceive that there would be other possibilities to become parents such as fostering and egg donation.

It was agreed that we would seek expert help at the hands of a local consultant gynaecologist, a person who also specialises in ovarian reserve tests, and we therefore duly made an appointment.

I must say that I am not exactly that clued up when it comes to womens issues however I do know that Paula was diagnosed as having an abnormal blood clot. As previously stated she has now had successful treatment and is looking forward to a more normal life moving forward. We were also informed of the wonderful news that Paula should have no problems in conceiving.


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