Facts about Muscle Building Tips

March 24, 2011 by moi 

Regarding muscle building tips, one should always consider the credentials of the person that’s giving the tip. As an example, you might be able to get a few tips about body sculpting from a friend of yours. And that’s fine, if your friend has the experience or something else that creates credibility. But if your buddy’s not even been to the gym or worked out in some time, how’re you supposed to know that he knows what he’s talking about? So this brings up the issue of credibility and authority, as it pertains to this topic of muscle building tips.

And so, when it comes to things like this (medical things, health related things, and definitely fitness, and even more so weight gain supplements), it’s an absolute imperative that the person that’s putting this stuff out there has the credentials to do so. Not following a strict sort of protocol about what to believe isn’t just a matter of fluffy morality; it’s a matter of safety, in fact. The reality of the fitness world is that there’s plenty of information out there, and in fact there’s too much information. You’ve really got to know what is what, in order to make good decisions about your fitness and health. There might be a chance that you yourself are considering muscle building supplements and weight gain supplements. Let’s assume this for a moment. If you are, how are you going to proceed?

The first place to start, intuitively, will be your computer, i.e. through web searches. There are a few words that you might try to look up first, like bodybuilding tipsm. And so you’ll invariably come to webpages that will start to go through the process of informing you about these things. But as you read, you’ll want to be thinking about the author, who the author is, and what movies he might have. There’s a motive to most any webpage and website. Your objective should be to try to figure out whether what the author wants, and what you want are in line with each other. So, we’re talking about muscle building diet tips here. You’re reading this information, letting it swirl around in your mind, and as you do, you should continue to think about who and what the author is, and what the information or tip is. For instance, the tip might be about running, but the person writing about the tip might be more of a swimmer. The issue, then, is that the author and the content that he’s putting out there, it doesn’t jive. In other words, the author doesn’t have any credibility about this sort of thing. That’s the gist of this whole thing. So ultimately, what we’re talking about here is credibility, and the relevance and relationship between who and what the writer or author is, and what exactly he’s purporting to be true.


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