Fatloss a key to gain a good health

March 20, 2011 by moi 

Yuri Elkaim here and welcome to another episode of ask Yuri. I am enjoying these videos, so much of fun coming together, hope you as well and again thanks for your questions . We had been talking about how to lose Body fat for about 7%, this is one of the questions coming obviously from a male foltake downs and he ask, I have been more than, I have been on a fat loss diet for an year now, not too sure what it means and certainly 2 -3 pounds and 12% body fats I had found through diagnosing. I now weigh after a stern diet, workout program having 71 pounds, that’s awesome . In past few months or so I have been lacking on my diet, few more oftentimes in staying, 60 – 90% body fats , that is some mature. I have to incline my muscles to 20-25% if possible and get my body fat to 7% which is ultimately my goal . in any case, the question to you is, for last 2 weeks I have really inclined my diet, notching all achieving it in once in two days and also having distant in my diet. It inspires lot of protein in every meal with 5 – 6 meals per ane day. My question to you is, can I stick to for 2 – 3 times a week to achieve my goal of acquiring 7% body fat?

So, 2 – 3 times strength training, 3 – 4 times a week cardio, also do you feel like direct interval training and focus on my regular cardio workouts and still little on to do it. I usually do my workouts on my bike which I can put to treadmill and do it for the speed of 4.5 and all over. What you think I can do to achieve my goal in 7% body fat ?

Ok, first of all he is acting hoop ball and while these do not spend lot of time during long duration burning cardio workouts 3 – 4 times a week, that is little too much . Much thence doing intervals 2 – 3 times a week which is going be benefited from body fat burn view and also from basket ball playing perspective. Basket ball is all about sprint stops, sprint stops, so intervals you know, you might be doing running and not biking because that is more specific to the basket ball.

Ok, so let’s look at the couple of things, strength training you has got those muscles, I am staying those importance, 60 repetitions, 2 – 3 types of exercise, full body movements, big movements, big muscles, 2 – 3 times a week which he get.

Eating wise, ok, if he is really plenty of cheap meals once in 2 weeks, if that are the case it is fine. But when, nevertheless men are considered, it is really valid to lose fat guys especially for the tough times, breaking, breaking plateaus, if you are looking at the neutering of the lower intake. So, let’s take this is you, soundly, this is the lower intake is around 3000 pounds a day, every single day, every single day. Your body is used to it and it is diagnosed well. What happens certain trainings, icy training, what happens with intervals, what happens one day having higher intake and the next day lower intake, the next is going to be higher intake, lower and the higher and the lower. You keep the body guessing. You naturally play with your hormone levels in the good way that keeps your body in the Fat burning workout area.

When you eat a lot of food, you know, higher flour intake, especially high intake of carbohydrates. Left in is the hormone that basically to secret the body, that the fat stores in your body and also know your body. When you have a food higher with higher energy levels, what that means is that your body is now in the prior state. So, if you are having a heavily cheap day, the next day you should check for the quick day or eating very very very low and the reason for that is that is because your body is at the higher intake level, that should be flush, so burn more fats.


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