Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast

March 30, 2011 by moi 

Getting rid of hemorrhoids could be your first option when you have been suffering from it for quite some time now.Witch hazel can help you with this issue, all you have to do is put it in the refrigerator to chill and then apply it using a cotton ball.You can use witch hazel several times a day. Ice packs can also help with the swelling hemorrhoids.An additional helpful plant is aloe vera which has been long recognized to have medicinal properties.You are able to relieve the itching by applying aloe vera directly on the hemorrhoid.

Change in your diet is also a must, you should change it to a high fiber diet to assist keep the body in sync.

Softer stools are more gentle on hemorrhoids. As a rule, laxatives ought to not be utilized often, because the watery stools that result can develop infection in the hemorrhoid.

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Drinking lots of water is also a free and natural method to get rid of hemorrhoids fast. In keeping  your body clean, water will combine with your fiber intake.Citrus fruits contains high amount of bioflavonoid which help develop strong blood vessels and assist prevent more hemorrhoids.

It could be a great idea to stay away from cheese if  you have hemorrhoids.It might worsen your condition since cheese contains lactic acids.It is very significant to stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

You may add exercises to your daily regimen that can aid get rid of hemorrhoids fast, too. Avoid lifting weights or involving in any exercise that would strain your hemorrhoids.Cycling may also be a cause of pain, so pick your exercises wisely.

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If you are trying to find cure for your external hemorrhoids, you can also try sitz bath together with warm water to assist soothe the itching tissues.In relieving some swelling you can apply hemorrhoid creams.You can even buy cushions which are specially made to sit on comfortably, with hemorrhoids.

Some physicians would advise you to have surgery but it entails risks inherent with any operation and you can also treat them on your own.You might need surgery but only on particular cases.If the swelling is minor, you may treat them with home remedies that are found to be efficient.

Herbs are helpful in soothing the symptoms of hemorrhoids.Butchers Broom and Horse Chestnut have been found to be efficient.Horse Chestnut helps your body’s circulation.This herb might be taken in pill form or brewed into a tea. Be certain that you’re not allergic to the herb just before using it.

Aloe vera applied topically is a good approach to get rid of hemorrhoids fast. You can include raw vegetable and fruits in your change of diet.Exercise is also useful in keeping your body a lot more healthy, and in strengthening the muscles of your rectal area. This will keep them a lot more flexible, and less susceptible to hemorrhoids in the future.


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