Give Your Sex Life a Boost With Golden Root Complex

March 24, 2011 by moi 

There’s a different ‘little blue capsule’ for adult men who require that added boost in the bedroom – Golden Root Complex.
Golden Root Complex UK, is a blend of fifteen natural herbs that are considered, by many, to be a natural, modern-day aphrodisiac. These include Rhodiola Rosea, Tongkat Ali, Siberian Ginseng Extract and Saw Palmetto.
Rhodiola Rosea is the specific Golden Root plant which is found in the colder areas around the globe including the Arctic, and mountains of both Central Asia and Europe. It’s been made use of for many years to remedy sexual problems in males and it is thought to enhance sexual performance, enhance athletic performance, enhance the brain’s function and relieve fatigue and irritability.
Tongkat Ali is believed to boost the quantities of testosterone in the body and may additionally improve energy production by raising ATP – an energy-rich composite accountable for nearly all the energy production in the human body. When stressed, the body burns its supplies of ATP and weakness can set in. Tongkat Ali is believed to boost energy levels, deal with stress, decrease exhaustion and enhance mental awareness.
The Siberian Ginseng Extract is thought to enhance the immune system, decrease cortisol levels and inflammatory responses – it may well additionally enhance intellectual and physical performance.
The Saw Palmetto fruit can be ground, dried or eaten whole to remedy disorders such as diminished sex drive, bladder problems and hairloss.
So should you feel your libido has been flagging lately, or even if you would just like a cheeky boost for a special weekend with your lover, give Golden Root Complex a go – no unwanted side-effects, non-addictive and much cheaper than prescription medications!


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