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March 1, 2011 by moi 

Bad posture is the primary cause for the lower back pain. Spending a lot of time in a same position is not conductive to the healthy back. We listen to people saying that they sat in a car driving all day, they worked for hours sitting in front of computer or played a computer game the whole day. Such kind of people will have greater probability to get back pain.

Sitting in a same position for long time will exert pressure on the back. Even lack of exercise will make the muscles weak and the alignment may vary. The back experiences different amount of pressure due to different postures. To maintain correct shoulder posture care must be taken towards it. You will have greater risk of back pain if you keep your shoulders rounded.

Around 50% of women experience lower back pain during pregnancy. But the pain does not remain for long. It subsides after the delivery of the child. Height and weight factors are also considered while measuring the intensity of the back pain. Tall people are more prone to back pain when compared to shorter ones. Greater the weight exerts more pressure on the lower back.

People will have greater risk of back pain who are suffering from obesity problems. Exercising regularly is advised because of this reason. The muscles get relaxed if  they are stretched sufficiently and reduces the pain. Another important cause of lower back pain is slipped disc. Structures that give support to the vertebrae are discs. Slip disc occur when people try to lift heavy weights. To put back the discs to its original position complete bed rest is necessary.

Result of back pain may also be stress and negative mood. At the end you might have failed after trying all possible methods to get rid of the pain.  Negative thinking is the main reason for this.

If you keep telling your mind negative things then your body too will not respond to the methods you follow. So you should always be confidant and think in positive way. The muscles in the lower back are more sensitive than that in the upper back. People suffer from lower back pain because of this.


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