Home Remedy For Bacterial Vaginosis – Simple Remedy For Vaginal Odor

February 14, 2011 by moi 

If you’re looking for a home cure for bacterial vaginosis, you can already have tried typical treatment alternatives and noticed that they can leave a lot to be desired.  One of the issues with prescription and over the counter meds is that they offer some symptomatic relief but do not treat the root cause, leading most girls to suffer randomly from this condition over extended periods.  

One of the most upsetting traits of BV is a displeasing fishy odour.  Therefore, particular treatment for vaginal odor is one side of a natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis.  Other symptoms may include a grey or white coloured watery discharge and unbearable itching and burning.  

Bacterial vaginosis is the results of a disequilibrium of the naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina.  Under ordinary circumstances, the vagina is naturally barely acidic which encourages beneficial bacteria to flourish.  When something upsets the balance, dangerous bacteria thrive, the pH level becomes alkaline, and a lady is claimed to have “bacterial vaginosis”.  

These steps should help bring some relief:-

* Do not over wash, as this could make the condition worse by stripping the natural lubricants from the vagina

* Try using tea tree oil pessaries as the natural antibacterial properties can help kill off the dangerous bacteria causing the condition

* Avoid using scented soaps or products which can cause extra irritation

* Pay close attention to cleanliness during your period.  Change sanitary protection constantly, even if the flow is light

* Eat masses of fresh fruits and vegetables-a healthy diet can promote healthy balance

* To revive the desired acidic conditions of the vagina, add 2 cups of cider vinegar to a warm bath

* Probiotic yogurt is a superb and well-known home remedy for bacterial vaginosis.  Rather than eating it, try dipping a tampon in natural probiotic yogurt and leaving it in the vagina for 2 hours

* Another treatment for vaginal odour is to wear a thin panty pad to take in some of the discharge.  This is often changed continually throughout the day.

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