How Stress Could Affect Your Pregnancy

March 7, 2011 by moi 

Pregnancy is such a daunting experience and it’s only natural to worry. Hormones are flying all over the place and incredible physical changes makes it extremely tough not to worry to some extent. There are many reasons a women may worry during her pregnancy, such as impending birth, finances or relationships, these are typical reasons to worry and in some women it might lead to stress during pregnancy. If this is the case it’s essential to take a look at ways to decrease the stress levels.

Under any circumstances, severe cases of stress can be harmful to anybody or anything. It can lead to illness along with a deterioration in health as well as causing the mental health to suffer too. Pregnancy and stress seem to be coupled together, to begin with pregnancy can put a women’s body under a great deal of tension. Mentally it is also a worrying time especially for a first time mum but also for additional pregnancies too as the worry then extends to siblings as well. It doesn’t assist that we live in stressful times worrying about all aspects of everyday life.

In this day and age many women work as close to their due date as possible to ensure they get as a lot time off after the baby is born. Working so close up until the birth (obviously depending what type of job it’s) can put an extra strain on a heavily pregnant body. It is within the later stages of pregnancy that a women requirements to listen to her body and relax although waiting for labour to start naturally. It has been said that working so late in pregnancy is really a main factor in the increased number of women going overdue and needing to be induced as their bodies don’t think they’re ready, but how a lot of this is speculation I’m not certain.

If this stress isn’t managed early on the reality is it can have some severe consequences on the mother and then consequently her unborn baby. The mother is putting her body at risk of high blood pressure, panic attacks, depression, obesity, digestive problems and skin irritations like eczema. Already we know that in particular extreme instances of tension and pregnancy that this could lead to a risk of miscarriage early on or if later in the pregnancy the risk is premature labour, premature birth and low birth weight babies. More recent study suggests that pregnancy tension also increases the chance of your baby being born with asthma or allergies.

It is not easy to stop worrying, but action requirements to be taken throughout pregnancy to decrease stress levels. Some positive actions are eating healthily, sleeping well, making an attempt to take the time each day to relax and taking some gentle exercises every day can make a large difference.

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