How To Eliminate Hemorrhoids Quickly

February 19, 2011 by moi 

It becomes urgent to find a way to eliminate hemorrhoids when one finds themselves inconvenienced by this condition.

So, why do we become afflicted with this miserable condition? There are number of different reasons.

Heavy people and pregnant women tend to get them easily.

Anal intercourse and anal infections are also some reasons.

The primary reason for hemorrhoids is a diet poor in fiber and fluids that leads to constipation.Constipation results in difficult straining during defecation, and which may lead to hemorrhoids.

Change your diet is the first rule to eliminate hemorrhoids. Roughage and high fiber foods should be eaten daily. Of course, 8 glasses is the recommended to keep the body hydrated.

The pain of hemorrhoids in very strong.

To eliminate hemorrhoids and the attendant pain immediately, you can apply a cold compress or ice pack to the area. You will receive pain intervention this way, albeit, temporary, but at least enough to be able to relax again. The over-the-counter topical ointments and aloe vera gel will help speed the healing.

A good idea for helping with your healing, is taking frequent, short-duration baths in clear warm water every day.

The doctor may recommend surgical procedures to remove the problem. It may happen that you might start seeing blood, either in the toilet or covering your stools, in which case you must see your doctor about it immediately.

Hemorrhoids do not cause nor contribute to the appearance of cancer but there are other illnesses that also cause rectal bleeding.

Having gotten a positive diagnosis from the doctor, the way to eliminate hemorrhoids should progress from the more natural and gentle methods before surgery is considered.


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