How To Get Rid Of A Canker Sore

May 26, 2010 by moi 

Always acquiring Canker sores or Mouth Ulcers ? Would you  really like  to know natural cures for canker sores?You will discover ways to treat them without creams etc… Also how to stop them always  re-occuring .You will soon understand why you are getting canker sores from your lifestyle and diet .

A little background into canker sores about 10% of people in the world suffer from them and the absolute majority being women which in my view is quite a high number of people.

The Causes of Canker Sores

They is quite a  lot  unknown reasons why we get these nasty sores but the ones we are  common to know about  are citrus fruits, stress, physical trauma, a rapid weight loss, allergic to certain foods etc.

The Prevention of the Your Sores

A good start would be to change your diet and lifestyle so if any of the above I’ve explained are the causes then stop and change them first. I would also  change  to a non-alcoholic mouthwash, change your brand or type of toothpaste. A high causes of this problem are by dental braces, so if you think that is the cause of your problems get hold of some protection for your braces.

The Solution in Recurring Sores

In your diet to boost your immune system start with a raw food diet this will really help. Try a detoxing diet of about 10 days this will really put your body back to a good state. As with anything a good solid nights Edit this text sleep is essential, if you sleeping cycles are all over the place then  get into a set  pattern  of the same amount of sleeping hours this will also really benefit your body. Start taking some vitamins and minerals supplements.

 what it comes down to the causes are started with your body battling with unknown chemicals and if your body system is low these will be hard to fight against. I would also suggest in avoiding these list of foods below to start with and bit by bit bring them back into your diet and see which ones are causing the canker sores.

Red meat, greasy fatty foods, fried foods, cheese, butter, cream, milk, vinegar and pickles, sugar and sugar based foods and coffee – there is many more but I only listed the basic ones to get your started.

So you  now know  the causes in which these sores appear, how you can prevent against them and finally how to change your lifestyle and diet to stop them coming back.

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