How to Recognize Early Menopause Symptoms and Deal With Them

March 9, 2011 by moi 

Every single woman on the planet is going to experience menopause. It comes with being female.

Unfortunatetly, this major change is never easy to experience. Lots of women are forced to live through years of tedium and harsh symptoms. Lots of women are worried about how their life changes are going to affect the rest of the people in their lives. The good news is that if you learn how to identify the different menopause symptoms you will be able to comfort and help the women in your life who are dealing with this “change.” Learning about the symptoms of menopause can help you help her to understand what is happening to her body and to help her cope with entering the new phase of her life.So far so good….

Perhaps the most recognizable menopause symptoms is the mood swing. It is this symptom that makes menopause look a lot like puberty and (ironically) the early stages of pregnancy. A woman going through menopause is prone to sudden and often, irrational mood swings. In one minute she can be completely calm. The next minute she will have burst into tears about something that she didn’t care about last week. If a woman in your life is going through mood swings like these and isn’t pregnant (or pubescent), she might be going through the stages of menopause. Try to be sensitive! Perhaps one of the more embarrassing menopause symptoms for women is the change in hair growth. Many women report hair loss on their heads, in their pubic area and on other areas of the body where hair growth is normal for women (arms, legs). At the same time, while this hair is being lost, other hair starts to grow–in unusual places like the chest and the face. Hair grows differently for every woman. Call your doctor if you start to lose hair in some places and grow hair in other places. Menopause could be the cause of these symptoms.Hope you catch everything so far….

Believe it or now, lots of women report that there are changes in how they smell when they start to go through menopause. Some women say it is the change in how they smell that makes them realize that menopause is imminent. This symptom, in particular, is very hard to notice. At the same time, if the person in your life suddenly smells differently (and it is not the result of a new perfume, body spray, soap or deodorant), they might be about to go through menopause.

Some people compare menopause to puberty. The body is going through massive changes that women have little control over. Most women, however, say that menopause is worse that puberty because the symptoms are so far flung and so severe.

Learning what to expect from your menopause symptoms will help you understand what it is that your body goes through as it changes. If you aren’t a woman you should still learn about menopause symptoms so that you can better support the women in your life who have to deal with the symptoms first hand.Nice reading


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