How To Remove Skin Tags

April 17, 2011 by moi 

While they can be startling , most skin tags do not offer a serious health problem. They are merely fibrous growths that  bear little chance of ever being dangerous  . However , they can also cause quite a bit of discomfort if they are in specific areas where they get irritated and catch on clothing or jewelry. Skin tags that arise on the face can also cause social and personal discomfort as it interferes with your appearance.  Though skin tag removal certainly isn’t mandatory  , individuals that cause troubles may be very best eliminated by way of one of the big range of methods available.

If the they are on your body in an easy to reach spot , and they are fairly large with a definite neck, then you may be able to remove skin tags with a strand of hair or dental floss wrapped tightly around the base.  You really have to make sure that the strand is tight enough to eliminate all blood flow,  so that the skin tag can’t get any nutrition at all  .  This may be a bit uncomfortable. However, if you don’t get the strand tight enough to cut off all circulation, then necrosis and infection may result. If you notice that the area around the skin tag is getting very red or swollen,  then a doctor’s visit is mandatory  .

There is yet another way to  get rid of  a skin tag on your body, of course.  You could cut it off if you take some care with it and if it’s in an appropriate spot. Of course,  you don’t ever want to try cutting a skin tag off if it’s too close to a sensitive or important place.  This obviously includes any skin tag on your face. If you decide that your skin tag is a good candidate for self-surgery, then you should be sure to use aseptic technique . That means that your hands, scalpel, and bandages are completely free from microbes. You should also be prepared for quite extensive bleeding because most skin tags are supplied by their own tiny arteries. Of course, if the skin tag is on your face or in a delicate area, it’s best to leave the surgery to a doctor .

Of course, there is a 3rd alternative for skin tag removal, and this one works practically everywhere . There are a multitude of ointments and essential oil preparations designed specifically to get rid of skin tags over time.  Of course, different preparations are designed for different areas .  For instance, facial skin tags shouldn’t be treated by a overly caustic ointment, so do remember to read the directions. These ointments and essential oils may take weeks instead of seconds or days,  but they are also much less risky and dangerous  .

No matter what you’re executing concerning your skin tags,  you need to make sure you’ve done all your research before beginning .  In addition, be sure that you’ve got a definite skin tag diagnosis before attempting any remedy. Skin tags are usually the color of the surrounding skin and have a definite “neck”,  whereas moles bump up right out of the skin and can be a wide variety of colors  . Moles may be similarly coloured to the skin, but they don’t possess a neck and seem to start off deep below the skin. Skin cancer is typically really irregular in shade and shape. If you actually have any doubts as to the dynamics of your skin growth, get it checked by a health-related professional prior to making an attempt to do anything about it yourself.


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