I Found Menopause Weight Solution That Works

April 30, 2011 by moi 

Tons of women are desperately researching a menopause weight solution. As if the menopausal side effects weren’t enough, most women have to put up with undesired menopausal weight gain. Sometimes it feels like trying to fight windmills.

Many wish there was some simple menopause weight solution that could make the menopausal fat disappear forever. Not all women take these changes in stride, and the determination to seek out a menopause weight solution is razor sharp.

Not all the weight gain is hormonal; sometimes it is the lifestyle changes of an aging woman that contribute to the issue. A lessening of activity levels in later life may be attributable to less physical work, both in one’s professional as well as private, family life. Women may not necessarily feel as energized and capable of maintaining levels of physical activity when they face the draining prospect of additional menopause side effects like hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, mood swings, etc.

Weight gain in menopause can also be blamed on the decreased levels of physical activity. Whenever one is less active, the potential to eat more in one’s free time increases, leading to extra fat build up. Some menopausal weight gain is due to the change in the way the metabolism works and a decrease in muscle mass. When you lose muscle mass, your metabolic rate slows down, resulting in the inability to burn calories like it did when you were younger.

Discovering a menopause weight solution that honestly produces results can seem impossible, but it needn’t be. You must look at the overall scheme of things. You must be ready to try different options, since each and every woman has various factors at work that lead to her weight gain.

Finding a menopause weight solution starts with a change to diet and by participating in more physical activity. It is proven that these methods work, but you must learn what types of food will increase metabolism and burn fat, when you must eat, and how to eat so as to lose weight very fast.

Seeing as the body needs fewer calories than when you were younger and with a slower metabolism, the first thing is to alter your eating habits. The key to a successful menopause weight solution is to ensure you are paying heed to how much is eaten and what is eaten. To eat healthy, a low fat diet with plenty of fibre is a must.

Thirty minutes of moderate physical activity every day will help you to balance out the effect of weight gain in menopause. Gaining weight whilst going through menopause is exasperating, but luckily, you needn’t allow it to take hold of your life.

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