Is he a better man than me, just because he has hair?

March 5, 2011 by moi 

Do you like the look of bald? Well to some yes, but in truthfulness most people look much better with a full head of hair. As we age however, that is often not what we can expect. Some people can accept this, others prefer to look for other options.

Some men have random patches of bald hair which makes them feel very peculiar. Others go bald only on the top of their head, resulting not only in a shiny, egg-like appearance to that part of the head but also leaving guys prone to sunburn. A sun burned scalp certainly can lead to even more problems and self-consciousness. Men with rich, glossy hair often feel more virile and manly than those who are going bald.

That is just the way we see ourselves socially. These cultural perceptions are most associated with men, but some women feel it too as they can also suffer from hair loss, or at least thinning. Women can also go bald and they may feel less feminine and desirable.

The younger a person starts losing hair, the more often they seek cosmetic solutions to cure the situation – especially for women. Some men just settle for it, but they too are more likely to get a transplant (or other) before the turn 40. At a younger age, it’s simply about confidence, and without that a lot of individuals feel socially handy-capped.

This can be the same for women. There are also illnesses which can lead to hair loss. Even after proper treatment, hair may not grow back in some areas. A hair transplant can solve that dilemma. Then there are the guys who were born with a severely receding hairline. They may not truly be going bald but simply want to fix this one area. A hair transplant can greatly enhance their self confidence. In Canada and the USA, pricing this out with hair specialist can be anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. Depending on your current hair loss, you may also need two separate procedures over the span of a year or so.

You can get a consultation from a hair replacement surgeon who will look at the health of your scalp and roots. Usually the effected areas are the frontal forehead and crown. Those roots are often vulnerable, thin, and fragile. However, most people have very healthy hair around the sides and the back. Some in fact, have an excess in that area making them a good prospect for surgery.. In today’s youth oriented society, a hair transplant can help individuals look and even feel younger. They may have the motivation to follow healthy diets and exercise more, all of which can result in a more youthful appearance. But those suffering from baldness may not have the desire to exercise, depressed by their aged appearance.

Due to the high divorce rate now, a lot of middle aged people find themselves dating again. It is actually a serious issue for those that are anxious about their hair loss, because they feel it is a factor in being able to find a new love in their life. Having attractive heads of hair can be part of a total makeover, from face-lifts to getting teeth whitened. When people feel better about themselves, they are often more appealing to others.A family history of hair loss, regrettably, is likely to occur to you as well, so the best thing to do is to get early consultation. If you do decide to go for transplant surgery, doing it younger will be much less evasive than later, and your friends and family most likely will not recognize at all if the change is not so radical.


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