Is Your Small Pet Being Fed Too Much and Not Exercised Enough?

April 6, 2010 by moi 

It’s shocking, but the obesity rate among animals is rising just like it is for us. It is and at an alarming rate. This mainly has to do with what you are feeding your pet because unfortunately our pets diet have become worse as well.

Corporations that make animal food use the unhealthiest forms of animal scrap to make pet food. This not only sacrifices your pets weight, but also sacrifices their health and well being.

Here’s how you can help you pet stay healthy, slim and trim.

Pay a little extra and get good all natural food for your pet. You wouldn’t eat pure fat and things that give cancer, neither should your pet.

Don’t let food sit in their cage all day. I have a friend who keeps a full bowl of food in his chinchilla cage and wonders why his little guy is chubby. I have another friend that keeps their rabbit cage stocked with food for multiple rabbits and there is one that is really big compared to the others.

You have to make time to play with your small pet every single day. Pets require some physical fitness to keep them from lounging in their cage all day and getting fat. It’s really helpful if you can make an area of your house that is pet proof so they can run around unsupervised with toys and all.

Look into pet supplements to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need. I would consult with a vet on this, but it’s definitely something you should look into.

These are just some tips and things you can do to help keep your small pet fit and not obese. Obese pets are not happy pets and they end up costing you more money because they also tend to get more diseases.


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