Male “Menopause” – The Alternative Anti-Aging Approach

May 9, 2011 by moi 

Andropause is a syndrome caused by the deficiency of hormones, especially testosterone. It’s onset and symptoms might not be as dramatic as female menopause, but its effects can be just as major. It is fascinating that hormone replacement is kind of routine in women but hardly even addressed in men. The fall in hormone levels in both sexes has a harmful effect on one’s state of health. Beginning around age 25, DHEA and testosterone levels begin a progressive falling trend.

With falling hormones, it is much tougher to maintain muscular mass. Things start to sag and fat begins to form increasingly thick layers round the lumbar area and stomach. Osteoporosis is well-documented in women and happens in men too. Wrinkles that carve deep clefts in the face are thanks in part to testosterone deficiency. Libido is reduced and even impotency may develop. These changes are all a result of male menopause.

Hormone replacement has been available for ladies for many years and the glorious results continue to multiply. In age defying medicine, it is forecasted that upkeep of hormone levels in the fresh range ( that of a 25-30 year old ) will supply vital health benefit. We can now insure correct doses in the accepted normal physiologic range. Cancer risk is significantly reduced by this refined approach to replacement care. The fall in testosterone happens on account of multiple causes and treatment should be directed reasonably. Aromatase ( an enzyme that converts Testosterone into Estradiol ) increases as we gain years.

Prostate Problems is interconnected with high circulating estrogens. Testicular atrophy leads to reduced testosterone production.

A total vitamin, mineral, and anti oxidant supplement plus a correct diet help to fix nutritive deficiencies. DHEA and possible melatonin replacement also serve as possibilities and as accessories to testosterone care.

A diet that has a giant amount of legumes, especially soy, is handy in providing the fundamental constituents for our bodies to supply hormones. Maintaining cholesterol in the standard range ( not to high or to low ) is also insistent for hormone synthesis. Testosterone replacement can be accomplished by the usage of creams, tablets or maybe injection. It’s best if the physiologic patterns natural to the body are mimicked, which makes injection less propitious. The possible dangers of testosterone administration include increases in red cell mass, trouble of sleep apnea, changes in plasma lipid levels, and liquid retention. There is no change in PSA with testosterone treatment. Eventually, testosterone enhancement may produce unfavourable complications if administered to men with standard levels, thus the import of monitoring. With correct replacement, you should expect to regain muscled mass, increase bone density, increase staying power, increase libido, tone down your risk for a range of cancers and Alzheimer’s illness, and live a boosted standard of life. 

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