Prepared to Stop Smoking? NLP Based Hypnotherapy is your Solution to a Smoke-Free Existence

February 15, 2011 by moi 

Tired of riding on the quit smoking merry-go-round? Trying to quit smoking over and over only to meet with disappointment, feeling frustrated and down, questioning if you will ever ultimately kick the smoking habit once and for all. Good, this is the time for you to give up smoking; NLP based Hypnotherapy is going to be your solution to a smoke-free existence. You see, so many people fail in stopping smoking due to the fact they don’t concentrate on the right addiction when they attempt to give up smoking. The right addiction? Yes, cigarette smoking turns out to be a dual addiction habit. You suffer from the bodily addiction to nicotine and the psychological dependence on the habit of smoking.

Virtually every smoking cessation aid concentrates on the physical dependence on nicotine. But let me let you in on a little secret. The bodily addiction to nicotine in fact passes in less that a couple weeks once you put out your final smoke. That is right, after the last bit of nicotine moves from your body then your bodily addiction passes shortly after that. However the psychological addiction, the mental yearnings to smoke cigarettes, can go on for years after you put out your very last cigarette. Everyone knows of an individual who had quit smoking cigarettes years back but something happens and then they start smoking cigarettes again. Was it an addiction to nicotine that made them begin smoking cigarettes once again? No, it had been simply because they had never sorted out their psychological obsession with smoking.

That is where NLP centered hypnotherapy comes into the picture. Hypnotherapy is the only quitting smoking strategy that focuses on the mental obsession with smoking. Traditional hypnotherapy is fairly successful at helping people give up smoking, but NLP based hypnotherapy is very effective at taking away cigarette smoking cravings. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. We could call it a high tech type of hypnotherapy. It adds better technology to conventional hypnotherapy to create a stopping smoking technique which is extremely successful. And it’s also as easy as it is successful. No need to go to a therapist or professional, NLP based downloads are available that you can listen to at your house to have the desires to smoke cigarettes removed from your subconscious.

NLP is the alternative for those who are intent on quitting smoking. And why not? It’s easy, all natural and highly effective. Why mess around with the cost and negative effects of smoking cessation products like the Patch or medications that provide a very low success rate anyhow. With NLP all you need to do is listen to a specially prepared recording to have the cravings to smoke just disappear. For anyone wanting to stop smoking NLP isn’t just effective, but easy.

Do not let yourself become misled into thinking you need to beat nicotine addiction to quit smoking. NLP centered hypnotherapy focuses on the true addiction, the psychological one, and eliminates the cravings to smoke leading to a smoke-free life. So if you are prepared to stop smoking NLP is your ticket to a smoke-free existence.


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