Quality or Quantity – Upscale versus Mall-based Salons

May 11, 2010 by moi 

Is a downtown, upscale hair salon in Charleston better than a mall-based salon?

One of the differences may be that usually a mall-based type salon is a franchise or company owned business that is in the business of volume, concentrating on basic services such as cutting, styling, coloring and chemical treatments while the downtown, upscale salon is privately owned and puts emphasis in building a clientele while in addition to basic services, offers pedicures, manicures, massage, facials and a menu of other services that compliment the basics.

Turnover is another difference which is evident when you compare the two types of salon operations. Because a mall-based salon is dealing with volume, a stylist has a more difficult time developing a following and has less loyalty to the customers or salon owner while the stylist in an upscale salon can build a real following creating stability and loyalty to the salon owner.

There is often a substantial difference in the quality of the products used between the two salons. Mall-based salons must keep their costs in line with the expectations of their patrons which is usually low cost/medium value services. Patrons of an up-scale salon view higher cost for services and products as high value and are willing to pay more.

The atmosphere of a mall-based salon cannot compare with the relaxing atmosphere of an upscale salon. Upscale salons focus on their clientele’s comfort and will pamper them with high quality refreshments while the mall-base salon will depend on your bringing your own drink from the Pretzel King.

It’s up to you to decide. Do you want to stay in the cheap seats and be treated like cattle at the mall-based hair salon Charleston or move up to the customer first treatment you will find at an upscale salon?


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