Rowing exercise – Is it for me?

April 12, 2011 by moi 

From all types of physical activities, rowing exercise variations are some of the most complex, due to their capacity to involve major muscle groups in the activity. When rowing, you work the legs, the back, the shoulders, the arms and the abdomen. And there is almost no pressure on joints if we compare rowing with running for instance. Most machines include a sliding seat-rig so that you may be able to also use your legs to give power to the stroke. With a rowing exercise, you use the arms and the back to transfer the leg power to the ‘oars’.

With a sliding seat, the rowing exercise could put quite a lot of pressure on the back when you don’t master the technique very well. Not everybody will therefore be able to row with a sliding-seat. The alternative is the rowing exercise with a fixed-seat that uses pedals to pull while moving the arms. You will thus no longer transfer the leg power through back and arms. Instead it will get to the ‘oars’ via ropes and strings. Besides the use of the gym machine, you can enjoy a great rowing exercise by going boating.

Rowing on an open water it is a great leisure activity with a huge recreational potential. It is ten times more pleasant to exercise surrounded by a great scenery. Paddle the kayak and you’ll see how nicely you work the upper part of the body. Otherwise, every rowing exercise will train both the upper and the lower body.

A rowing exercise is also very helpful for your heart and lungs health as it enjoys recognition as one of the best forms of cardio training. The heart pumps more blood through the arteries and veins while you row. Your tissues are better oxygenated and your metabolic rate increases. Other benefits include a rapid control of body weight, improved night rest and relief for depression symptoms. Learn how to use the rowing machine correctly in order to prevent injury.

Make sure you understand what body posture to assume, and have a pro explain and show the essentials of the movement to you. If you workout at the gym, the trainer will be there to assist you. This is the reasonable way to prevent injuries and stay healthy.


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