Safely Learn how To Cure Tinnitus

May 15, 2011 by moi 

With regards to ideas on how to cure tinnitus, there’s no end of outlandish and odd notions.  This is possibly caused by the fact that the causes of tinnitus are usually unidentified so the sufferer will become extremely frustrated.   When you’re hearing sounds such as ringing, buzzing or snapping sounds to the point that they keep you up at night, you may get pretty eager to learn how to cure tinnitus.  You just might be willing to try almost any wild idea.

Ear candling is one such rather silly suggestion.  Allegedly the idea behind it stems back to precedent days but just because a concept is old, it doesn’t mean it is the suitable thing to do.  This concept is basically to burn a candle in the ear, with the flame being outside, of course.  The candle is usually pointed and hollow.  The concept is that this produces a low vacuum which sucks the wax and gunk out of your ears.  This concept continues to be disproved often yet there are still alternative practitioners who swear by the procedure as how to cure tinnitus.

Another idea that is used plenty is to blow cigarette smoke into your ear. The assumption is that by performing this, you will soften the solid wax that’s stuck deep inside your ear canal. The truth is, the heat from the smoke can actually damage your ear drum and cause it to break, which sometimes leads to losing your ability to hear completely.

Another weird and really dangerous procedure is named ear scraping.  Yes, it is just about what it sounds like.  A tool having a flat surface is used to scrape the inside of the ear canal.  If you have ever read the warnings on cotton swabs and learned that those are dangerous to put inside the ear, can you imagine the damage which can be done with a metal scraper?

Any search for information on how to cure tinnitus is going to come across these and other whacky solutions.  Use your common sense and do your own personal investigation before trying anything that sounds that offbeat.  You can save yourself a perforated eardrum and additional risks from some of these “cures”.

Make sure you stay away from any of the remedies mentioned above. They’re outright silly and unsafe. You can treat your condition naturally and from the comfort of your own home, but not by using these crazy strategies. For those who value your hearing and truly want to end the ringing, buzzing, hissing and snapping sounds, then try an all natural cure.


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