Should Women Train Differently Than Men?

April 2, 2010 by moi 

If men hale from Mars and women from venus, does that mean that our workouts should be completely different too?

If you walked into a gym what do you see? Chances are you will see most of the women up on the treadmills walking or running like a hamster on a wheel and most of the guys acting like they are big and tough by grunting through split workout routines… I am sure you’ve heard them, “Today’s a chest and back day, Man!”

But who is right? When it comes to fitness training for women , neither group is right . Yes, our bodies are different, what we perceive as enjoyable for our workouts are different and that means our workouts are different too.

Treadmill workouts aren’t the answer … in fact, treadmill workouts are boring and and if you don’t have a proper program they can actually make you fatter . Sure you burn calories but you won’t get toned and you won’t hit your goals . Your body is smart and doesn’t want to work harder than it has to, so i quickly gets used to your running. To ge results you have to keep adding more and more distance which means spending more and more time.

So the answer? Cardio meets strength training. Women’s fitness should definitely include strength training, just no grunting or split routines. To burn the most calories and fat and of course to see faster resuls the best option is to do total body workouts.

There are two great options, a standard weight training workouts but where the weight is light enough where you can do 12-15 reps (but no more) or do circuit workouts! Circuits rock, most often they are 6-8 exercises, performed back to back with little or no rest.

Once you finish the entire circuit enjoy a short break before doing the circuit 1 or more extra times!

Circuits are never boring because it progresses so quickly you can get your workout done in no time at all and feel as if you just worked out forever.

So do you need a new workout? Chances are yes… just don’t ask the moaning guy on the bench beside you for help .


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