Skin Tag Types

March 12, 2011 by moi 

Contemplating their stalk-like look and abrupt onset, skin tags can really frighten those who don’t know what they’re looking at. However, they aren’t malignant in any way, and are really not much of a problem at all. Of course, they can be quite irritating if they frequently get inflamed or catch on clothing or jewellery. There are three different types of skin tags, and every  one has its own characteristics. If skin tags are proving to be an ongoing difficulty for you then it may pay to find out as much concerning the  different  types as you can.

The very first and most common variety of skin tag is the cutaneous variety. These pop up on a lot of locations over the physique and face, especially wherever continuing friction happens. They are the same shade as the adjacent skin, and when they grow at all they do so really slowly. They generally have a distinct neck and then something like a knob of flesh on top. They are laced with collagen fibers, which generally makes them really stretchy and elastic. In addition, they generally have their own little artery as a bloodstream supply. These are the most likely to get inflamed and irritated through the course of every day life.

The subsequent sort of skin tag is the genital variety. These, of course, pop up on the skin surrounding the genital area. They tend to be a shade darker than your standard pores and skin shade. Men tend to get them in the folds of the legs, while ladies generally undergo them on the outside of the genitals themselves. Girls also often see their genital skin tags swell for the duration of menstruation, showing a possible link in between skin tags and hormones. Yet again, friction appears to be the most frequent cause for these types of skin tags. They are not infectious in the least and thus can’t be passed from one person to an additional through intercourse.

The last kind of skin tags are anal skin tags. In contrast to the other two varieties, these appear to be most frequently triggered by hemorrhoids. If a hemorrhoid gets bad enough, it causes the structure to grow outwards permanently. Then, even soon after the circulation difficulty that brought on the hemorrhoid in the 1st place has cleared up, this extra muscle remains in the form of an anal skin tag. These skin tags tend to be the versions that bring about the most problems, due to their location. They usually trap filth and fecal matter, leading to itchiness and inflammation. Worst of all, if you are susceptible to recurring hemorrhoids they will frequently develop within an anal skin tag.

Skin tags are commonly not much fun, but they are far from dangerous. Of course, it’s important to adequately diagnose skin tags, considering that moles and skin cancer can both be very much more significant matters. Even so, once you understand past a shadow of a doubt that skin tags are the main cause of your issue, then you should be capable to determine on a course of action without having much more trouble. There are a number of oils, creams and ointments that are usually fairly effective in eradicating them. Minimal surgery is additionally a possibility that normally clears the difficulty right up. If they are bothering you, acquire the time to learn all you can and make the treatment choice that looks best to you. Your skin can thank you for it.


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