Stop Cigarette Cravings – How to Stop the Cravings to Light up

February 18, 2011 by moi 

Are you ready to quit cigarette smoking and questioning how to stop cigarette cravings? Cigarettes could be challenging to give up if the cravings to light up are so powerful. You may worry that you will never be able to quit smoking cigarettes. But take heart, it is possible to quit cigarette smoking, particularly if you make use of the quit smoking approach which is specifically designed to get rid of the desires to light up.

Cravings are not just a result of the dependence on nicotine; they are also caused by the subconscious habit to smoke. As a matter of fact the mental habit to smoke cigarettes is what brings about the powerful cravings to light up you may feel, even more so than the dependence on nicotine. Numerous years of smoking and countless cigarettes creates a very powerful mental dependence on the habit of using tobacco which can be hard to break.

Still the majority of stop smoking approaches only target the physical addiction to nicotine and do absolutely nothing to ease the mental cravings that smokers feel weeks, months, even years after they quit smoking. The dependence on nicotine goes by within a week or so of giving up smoking cigarettes as nicotine moves out of your body.

However the psychological cravings to smoke can go on for long periods for most smokers and can be so powerful that giving up smoking cigarettes for virtually any stretch of time is very challenging. Anyone that has started smoking again a couple weeks after quitting has not done this because of the addiction to nicotine. They smoked simply because they got a subconscious craving to smoke because of how deeply engrained the habit of cigarette smoking is in their mind.

There is however a quit smoking method that’s specifically designed that will help overcome the mental desire to smoke. It’s named NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is a therapy process that’s been in existence for several years to help smokers quit smoking. It’s getting increasingly popular as word of its high success rate is getting out.

NLP functions like super charged hypnosis concentrating on and taking away the deeply seated cravings to smoke out of your subconscious. It is the strongest stop smoking help available. When these cravings to smoke cigarettes are taken away stopping tobacco use is easy, so easy that NLP has a 97.2% rate of success according to a recent study of 5,000 cigarette smokers.

NLP could not be easier to practice to stop cigarette cravings. All you need to do is listen to an NLP quit smoking recording to eliminate the cravings to smoke right in your house. No requirement to visit a hypnotherapist or specialist to quit smoking with NLP. Don’t go it alone and don’t use smoking cessation methods which do not work. If you’d like effective stop smoking help that targets the mental addiction to smoking check out NLP further.


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