Who Are We to Set Personal Goals

May 10, 2010 by moi 

Just about every human being at one time or another has asked himself/herself the question: “ Why am I here?” This universal question has challenged humanity ever since the beginning of time and it is ever more so today that we live a complex, fast-paced, constantly adaptive life. Everybody seems to be in a hurry, raising against time. Despite our packed schedule, this question keeps lingering on us, especially when we have time to stop, recollect, trying to reconnect to our true self. Sometimes finding a coach  can help you discover who you truly are.

Some may have an answer or answers, others may have an answer but still doubtful if they have the correct solution, and still many of us have unanswered questions.

Whatsoever particular reason each of us have for existence, there is one universal reason: “to find happiness” and we owe it to ourselves. Joy comes in many forms, each is unique from the other. Happiness is embracing the universal providence in your life; It is like having found your true love, or raising a family. It is a life of fame, power, and/or wealth. It is good health. It is in serving others and countless more. Some of us may be happy for just one reason but often it is a combination of several.

However we perceive joy to be, goal acknowledgment is a vital part of it and having a professional coach  can get you there much faster. Great opportunities are prevalent. It is primarily up to us to grasp these opportunities and align them with our goal.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of attaining our goals in life in pursuit of happiness. Realizing a goal brings a feeling of fulfilment to oneself. Either way, we can choose to be one of these three: a goal achiever, a failure, or an in-between. Again, it is entirely up to us.

Personally, I think we stand to gain a lot if we choose to be an achiever(and we stand a good chance of being one), a gain most likely to exceed our expectation or imagination.

Speaking of imagination, envision a person whose life drifts aimlessly without a purpose. I figure you would say “what a waste”. Such is a life being needlessly washed-out without setting and attaining a goal.

Now, think of friend you know who has reached the ultimate goal in his/her lifetime. Wouldn’t you want to know his/her pathways to success? Wouldn’t you want to follow in his/her footsteps?

Of course, you do. We all do. We all want to be a winner in life and the secret in doing so is to set goals and attain them. There’s no other way. As described earlier, goal achievers  is one of the components to true peace in life.

For most of us, setting and acheiving goals seem to be a far-fetched, difficult task. We sometimes think that it is a task reserved only for the intellectually gifted, for the favorable few, for the affluent.

Indeed it is not a simple task, but to say it is provided only for the gifted, lucky, or affluent people is incorrect. This is only an excuse to fool ourselves. Actually, we are not being truthful of our own potentials. We just keep on drifting life away like a horse with eyes covered on the sides. We keep on concentrating in our daily routines and tasks and life’s short-lived pleasures we tend to forget about, set aside, or even ignore our goals in life. However, this kind of lifestyle has something to do with our attitude and this is the attitude we must change. We have to adopt a goal-oriented state of mind. We must get out of our comfort zone and venture into the world out there by leading an active lifestyle twhich will bring happiness not only to ourselves but to those close to us. We are all discerning of change but this is one change for the better and it will be worth a 100, maybe a 1,000 folds over.

Join me as we venture into the world of goal realization.


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