Treatments For Genital Warts

November 2, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts have become a worrying aspect of sexual health in recent years, which can grow in or around male and female sex organs. They can form into ugly groups that can even affect the anal area. Genital Warts are caused by a highly contagious virus known as the human papilloma virus, or HPV that are transmitted sexually and even orally. These warts are spread through intimate skin-to-skin contact with an infected partner.

Genital Warts can vary in appearance: they can be very small, occur in clusters, or can develop into large masses in the genital area. They seem to be as prevalent in women as men. They occur either vaginally, on the cervix, or around the anus in females. In men, they usually occur on the tip or shaft of the penis, on the scrotum, or around the anus.

Out of about 200 types of HPV identified to date, more than 30 have the ability to infect the genital tract. However, HPV types 6 and 11 are responsible for approximately 90% of all genital warts. Although outer warts can be easily seen, women who develop them inside their genitalia may not discover these warts until a doctor examines her. Some additional discharge may be seen in women as the genital warts may cause the area around them to be moister than other areas. It is this condition that promotes their growth.

Using a condom will not always prevent the genital warts. Women can be infected and be unaware of their infectious disease for a long time, making the genital warts easy to transmit to other people. To make this problem worse, people who have been infected might not show signs at once and the HPV virus may not activate for a very long time. People who catches the HPV virus becomes a silent carrier and that’s why this terrible disease is spreading rampantly in today’s mindset of carefree sexual activity.

The most popular method of wart removal is to apply liquid nitrogen to the infected area which has very low temperature and will kill the infected skin and tissues. Doctors carry this out because liquid nitrogen is not generally available to the general public. This procedure is not very painful. Liquid nitrogen may be used, depending upon the location. Unfortunately, success achieved with this method is often temporary and the warts soon reappear.

Lasers could be used to remove warts but often a doctor will prefer to use electrocautery. Sometimes, a minor surgical procedure cannot be rules out. However, after surgical intervention or chemical acids are used, one can expect a scar in that area. And eradicating them is not completely guaranteed as they can return after treatment. The methods available to remove them are still reliant on the area where they are located.

Medicinal plants offer safe and effective treatments for many ailments, and recent studies on human subjects show just how powerful they can be. Medicinal plants are very potent and effective, but don’t have any side effects like scarring, tissue damage, or pain. Plant medicine is a very vast field and information about the use of medicinal plant extracts to heal hard-to-treat ailments is constantly growing. CURED have in-depth knowledge of biochemistry and extensive experience in the field of plant medicine. This has helped them to develop potent therapeutic treatments that are very popular among health practitioners and the general public.

Their website discusses an alternative antiviral treatment now available which represents a very promising solution to the growing epidemic of genital warts. It contains certified organic medicinal plant extracts and antiviral essential oils, which have demonstrated the ability to kill HPV in laboratory tests. Users of HPVCurative experience rapid elimination of genital warts, without scarring or recurrence. The treatment is painless and provides superb results. It eliminates genital warts and restores skin tissue to the state it was in prior to the onset of the infection. Since the treatment can effectively remove genital warts and wart-like substances on the genitals, acid or surgical procedures may soon become a thing of the past.

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