Using Genital Warts Cream Without The Consent Of Your Doctor Can Harm Your Unborn Child

December 21, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are generally asymptomatic…But, if they are left to grow bigger, they can become painful, friable and pruritus… Sometimes smaller warts too become agonizingly itchy due to their anatomic locations. Therefore treating Genital Warts becomes their priority. These warts are also known as Condyloma, Condylomata acuminate, Venereal wart, Verruca acuminata, Anogenital wart or anal wart, Fig wart, Moist wart and Pointed wart. They can appear in and around the anus, inside the mouth and throat apart from in the genital area.It is important to understand that the warts are only the visible symptoms, some strains of HPV or Human papillomavirus is the root cause. HPV is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact during the sexual activities with an infected partner. The warts do not always appear as soon as the person is infected, but may undergo a latent period. The person thus infected can still infect others. Sometimes the warts disappear without treatment, especially if the body’s immune system is strong. At the same time, you should remember that: 1.    Although the existing treatment for Genital Warts cannot eliminate HPV, it can reduce its infectivity. Therefore, one should undergo genital warts treatment not only for treating genital wars, but also for keeping the HPV under control and reducing its infectivity. The best way to treat genital warts is to strengthen the body’s immune system, so the HPV become weak and lose its capacity give rise to genital warts. However, there are other methods too.2.     Also, remember that not all warts-like growth in the genital area is Condylomata acuminate. Have it diagnosed first. Small warts can be diagnosed with help of a simple magnifying glass or with a colposcope.  A colposcope is a magnifying and photographic instrument that is used to examine the vagina. Another method is to apply acetic acid on the effected area. Genital warts will show up as white spots.All such treatments invite some sort of side effects too. It is therefore important to check which treatments are least harmful. In first-line treatment option Podofilox is always given preference by doctors due to some important factors like they being cheaper and causing lesser side effects. Most possible side effects in treatment for genital warts is scarring in the region affected through warts. Available in the form of gel or cream, Podofilox is easier to apply on warts. Even sufferers can apply them by their own on the affected areas. Though Podofilox is safe and effective doctors also suggest for other medicines like podophyllin and Imiquimod or Aldara. They are most useful topical immune response creams for warts. There are mainly two types of treatment for genital warts, patient applied and doctor applied. Patient applied medicines include lotions and creams prescribed by the doctors. The patient can apply them on their own without medical supervision. However, the patients must stick to the prescription strictly and must not apply more than the prescribed amount or prescribed regimes.An easy and affordable treatment option which is in much practice these days is genital warts cream which has least side effects. But it too requires careful approach. Sufferers long to treat genital warts and for that they attempt wrong choice of creams which turn a curse instead of helping sufferers fight with genital warts. Many a times sufferers keep changing creams for the sake of early and easy recovery from genital warts but such attitude must be suppressed for the sake of keeping genital warts and side effects away. Select genuine and affordable genital warts cream and ensure that it is the one which your doctor has prescribed for you. Self medication may cause problems rather than helping you cure your genital warts. Prominent topical ointments such as Imiquimod, Fluorouracil and Polyphenon are some time tested categories of creams which help you have better control over genital warts. Pregnant women should specially be careful while undergoing treatment for genital warts because even genital warts cream can be harmful for the foetus. Such women should never go on self-medication although some excellent wart removing creams are available over the counter. For the sake of your unborn child, see a doctor first and start the treatment under him. Meanwhile do everything in your capacity to strengthen your immune system.


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