Warning Your Teenagers Of The Perils Of STDâ??s

December 20, 2009 by admin 

It seems that an increasing measure of teenagers are performing unprotected sex and discovering too late about all of the results that this can have on them. Not only do they run the risk of having an unplanned pregnancy – but they also run an even bigger risk of suffering from one of the different STDâ??s.This is a sexually transmitted disease that has the ability to be give to individuals through any form of sexual intercourse. Several of these types of diseases can be contracted and will not show any form of symptoms for some years. This makes it difficult to know whether you have a problem without actually having a test performed. This also means that you might have passed it to lots of other individuals.Some of the more common of these disease are the HPV infection, Genital Warts, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Each of these are able to create rashes, blisters, and may be rather awkward and painful. The toughest of these is the HPV infection – which can lower your immune system and if not addressed will evolve into AIDS.It is crucial that we instruct our teenagers about the risks of having unprotected sex and recommend them not just to wait until they are much older – but also to utilize the proper protection.

The only way you have the power to truly protect yourself is with abstinence. This is when both parties decide not to wait to have sex. They must first take tests to learn if they are positive for anything. One of the easiest methods you can utilize to warn your teenager is to show them certain things like pictures of Genital Warts and syphilis so that they understand what it is able to do to them.


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