Testing Methods Which Can Help a Physician in Diagnosis of Hpv Warts

November 1, 2009 by admin 

HPV infection can be dorminant in your body for such a long time unnoticed because its signs and symptoms in most cases do

not manifest themselves.For many people who contact HPV infections, it becomes quite difficult to be diagonised owing to the

fact that sometimes the signs of HPV warts are so invisible to the naked eye and due to lack of any signs or symptoms of the

warts,one does not see the urgency of going for a check up.This is the reason why there are various methods to aid the

physician in diagnosis of whether or not a person has genital HPV warts.

Visual examination is the most common method of testing HPV Genital Warts.A medical proffessional will be able to determine

if a person has HPV Genital Warts through visual exam.One could not exactly be displaying the physical signs of HPV genital

warts,but they could probably display other more common genital HPV signs associated with it which will definately lead the

doctor go to the next step.This could include daubbing some acetic acid(vinegar solution)to the suspected area.If the skin

turns white,it shows that HPV warts are present and could not be seen with the naked eye.

Depening on other factors too,like the position of the HPV Genital Warts or size and severity of the same, the physician may

result to tests like cervical pap smear,colposcopy or swab tests.This HPV tests are not tedious,do not take time to perform

and the results come out almost immediately therefore one does not agonise on the outcome for a long time which means that

the doctor can offer counselling there and then.HPV warts are highly contagious and one should seek a medical exam as soon as

you display any signs and symptoms.

Bleeding during intercourse, a burning sensation or itching in the genital area, small red or pink flesh swellings which take

the shape of a cauliflower,could be some of the signs that will come along with the HPV infection.So sexual intercourse at

this stage should be avoided at all costs, be it vaginal,anal or oral sex.This will reduce the chances and break the chain of

it spreading to unsuspecting partners.

HPV warts are spread through coming into contact with the skin of an infected person.More so the spread can be caused by

clothes and materials like towels of an infected person.When laundering such garments,lots of care should be observed and

done separately.When a person has been diagonised with HPV warts, its of great importance to take there partners for a HPV

test too for maximum results.


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