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A little irregular discharge. Is this mundane?Hi. First off, I have never had any sort of STD and I know to obtain tested often. I work at a physician’s office and would like to expect that I am pretty informed and up to date on what’s going on with sexual health. This, however, is a question I would a bit…A manly friend of mine have cold sores practical his mouth?I meant herpes simplex* – Oral herpes do not stay constantly they come around 2-3 times a year if someone has them they are spread from skin to skin friction contact and are a blister that after 24hrs bursts and turns in to a crusty scab so i…A press almost hiv/aids?Is a common signs that you have the hiv/aids is an abnormal pap smear contained by women I know that this can be many things but can it also be a signs of hiv/aids even when no symptoms are present. – Pap smears check for abnormal cells of the cervix, some also testing for HPV (Human…A press almost STD’s?I am worried that, upon having very intimate sex with my couch and pillow,that i may own somehow retracted an STD. Can somebody please help me decide in whether or not it is possible for this to take place. Aside from my couch, a barbie doll, and a those things you by that you blow up and…A press in the order of a condom near a hole?Okay, let’s say if you’re a guy who have no HIV at all but your girlfriend do hold HIV right? both of you want to make a baby together so bad contained by a old fashioned way. You use a condom with a hole so sperms can shift through the…A query for empire next to genital herpes?I just met a great guy, the only drawback is that he has Genital Herpes and I don’t, Is it possible for me never to grasp if we use a condom, or I will get it automatically. – it is posible if he wares a condom, but condoms are safe for the…A query going on for genital wart?Is it possible to get Genital Warts around your anus and no where else even tho you’ve never have anal sex? – yes! it is possible ! because during sex body fluids can get on your anus! ou want to remove warts then you should know that you can remove genital wart by…A serious give somebody the third degree almost HIV and pregnancy?I have a question about HIV and pregnancy, which is serious even if it doesn’t nouns it. if there was a massive queue in a public toilet, and someone beside HIV masturbated on the toilet seat. Wipe up, but left traces of his semen on the toilet seat. Flushed go…A sound out concerning stds and such?my girlfriend and i, have decided we’d like to grip in sexual intercourse. neither of us have before, neither of us enjoy an std, nor does anyone in our family. if we stay monogamous are we at risk of contracting one? if so how? – You should still get tested up to…A strange but serious give somebody the third degree in the region of felatio?If I were to consume the semen of a male who frequently smokes marijuana, is it possible that this could lead to small traces of thc within my system if I were to undergo a drug test? I enjoy never smoked marijuana before. I know…A stripper put a lollipop within her vagina and later surrounded by my mouth. I have a small swelling contained by my mouth. Can I procure HIV?A couple of weeks ago, I went to Vegas for a bachelor party for a good friend. One hours of darkness the best man had two strippers come to our room. One of the…A terrifically serious interrogate and i requirement serious answers?Last night i had unprotected sex with a girl who i next found out has genital herpies. Ofcourse she didnt tell me till after we had sex and i didnt use a condom because of the BC, but i know i still should own used one its my fault. Ayways, how do…A VD sound out??Okay so if I have anal warts and my cousin gets some of me from down and he gets Genital Warts, when my sister gives him oral will she procure the warts in her mouth? o I am going to have to stop kissing my sis on the mouth. – save kissing!! Source(s): …A it possible i hold genital wart?ive never had sex or had oral sex or given oral sex, is there any means of access that i could have this particular disease. i sometimes have breakouts of zits above my genital nouns and looks like there are Genital Warts on the scrotum of my penis? Please assist – Genital…A yellowish-greenish discharge is coming out of my penis when its not easier said than done. Help?!?A yellowish-greenish discharge is coming out of my penis when its not hard. it happened after i masturbated two weeks ago. now theirs this few discharge when i rouse look at my briefs, an itch below the tip of my cock, and a cold…A.I.D.S Help and Info VERY IMPORTANT.?Hey my dad and i had a debate about aids. He told me that if a guy has sex beside a guy they will get aids. I said that isnt true. Who is right me or my dad. – If a man that have AIDS has sex with other men, sure as heck they…Abnoral HPV cell after birth?when i got pregnant they gave me my normal pap smear. it come back completely normal.i had my little one girl in july. then for my 6 week check up they did another pap smear, which they called me roughly 2 weeks later and told me that my pap smear came back impressive and they believe…Abnormal cell on my cervix am I going to want a Hysterectomy?!?Please help I’m 20 years old, and I’m having a reoccurrence of unexpected cells on my cervix. The culprit is the HPV virus. I’m so nervous that I caught more strains because I had sex near 3 guys, but it was with a condom all 3 times. The doctors…Abnormal down-there secretion?my boyfirend inserted his finger inside of me. after that mucus came out tinged with blood. it came out that means of access for a few days. now i am expecting my period, and what i got in a minute is still brown spots. what is this? I’m still a virgin, though, and we never had intercourse.Abnormal Pap Smear – PLEASE READ&ANSWER?I’m 21, went and got my first pap smear & exam back surrounded by March. octor finally got ahold of me two days ago and said that my smear came back impressive and it was possible it was due to HPV and she was making me an appointment beside a specialist to get some kind…Abnormal pap smear, 7mos pregnant? HELP!?Ok, so when I was 2mos pregnant I had my first COMPLETE prenatal exam. I also had a Yeast Infection that same daytime. They did all the normal stuff, STD test, blood examination, HIV, pap smear, and everything else. The STD and HIV came back neg, blood tests come back normal, but…Abortion complications and ex girlfriend?Last May My girlfriend fell pregnant and we decided that it was not the right tome for us to have children…We be using contraception at the time which failed. After a long discusion we decided that a termination was the best likelihood. Since then the partnership broke down and I ended it in January which she…About aids and how it spreads?does aids spread if the female fluid sticks to the penis? – Yes.. That’s how it spreads with the exchange of bodily fluids just like that. Also it can be spread if they enjoy a sore in their mouth and you kiss them and have a sore, or you receive oral sex. Also through…About contracting herpes?so my sister has been diagnosed with herpes lately. and im not ashamed of her or anything. nor do i think of her differently. but i was wondering if there be anyway that she could give it to me or my other sister. obviously we wouldnt be ‘doing’ anything together. what i mean is near a way like…About genital wart or other sdis?could some one please tell me about these things i have have them i got one and now they spread everywere now they are away … presently my boyfriend has them and we have unprotected sex. could i get them up inside me and could they label me infertile ttc for bout a year an…About herpes and cold sores?are herpes and cold sores the same thing? – herpes and cold sores are the same but cold sores are less severe. cold sores is usually one large sore while herpes is multiple sores. both can be cured. – Cold sores are caused by oral herpes, (not the genital type) so technically they are like…About HIV infection I am really worried?I have done unprotected sex with 3 girls ! Once with a girl who be virgin (4 years ago) ! She bleeded on my penis ! Then with another girl (4 months ago) and then with a third one (1 month ago) ! I checked nearby medical report and all three of them were…About HIV symptoms !!?how much time primary HIV symptoms takes to go away ? And whether they can come back again ? – The initial symptoms may last from 1 hours of daylight to 1 month. You may be in seroconversion. This is the process’s when the virus replicates fastest.Generally this is because of another infection or injury. Source(s):…About HIV/AIDS risks?i am a virgin so too my girlfriend here a possibility to have STD(sexually transmitted diseases approaching AIDS)? is it necessary to use protection like condom or can i do without it. gratefulness use a condom – Anyone of any age, race, sex or sexual orientation can be infected with HIV, but you’re at greatest…About hpv, std… please back ! i stipulation serious answers !?i’m scared. i have been diagnosed beside human papillomavirus just today. so worried and confused, i can’t think straight. i had sex for the first time in my life span last november 2008, i was 27. i thought it’s time for me to start doing it since i’m already old. More STDS questions please visit :


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