HPV genital warts. Home remedies? Embarrassed to see doc?

April 19, 2009 by admin 

Are there any self remedies you can use to get rid of Genital Warts. I had an outbreak a year ago, and got rid of them through doctor's cyro freezing. I have another wart that is new. Should I buy the take home freeze stuff that you can use on regular warts? It is the stuff that you can get at the drug store. will it work on Genital Warts too? WHat about the acid that gets rid of regular warts? Can it be used on Genital Warts. i'm embarrassed to go back to the doctor and would like to clear this up on my own.

I've read about aldara cream. How long does it take to work? what if you used everyday for a week straight instead of just 3 days a week?

If anyone knows how to get rid of them, i'd appreciate it. Any advice is appreciated


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  1. dnd3d on April 19th, 2009 3:29 am

    Never be embarrassed to see your doctor about anything..ANYTHING.

    That's what family doctors are for, they're job is to diagnose and treat any illness or infection. You think you're going to be the first one to go back to get a second genital wart treated? Doctor's don't judge people, they do their jobs.

    I recently went to the walk in clinic. (walk in clinic because I don't want to call and book an appointment with my family doctor whos on sick leave-I'd get a random fill in anyway) Ask to do a STD test,she asked why, if I had any discharge or anything. I said no, just want to check just to check. Told her to pull out my chart from my last std check in 2006, and told her to read out my herpes diagnosis. She said I was positive for herpes 1. She didn't think anything of it, just said it like I had a comon cold.

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