Possible Causes Of A Female Yeast Infection

March 1, 2010 by admin 

Yeast Infections are quite common. The biggest mistake that women make when they get a Yeast Infection, and especially if they get recurring infections, is they start on a treatment before determining the cause of their problem. The problem with this is that then they are more likely to have to go through an ordeal of trial and error where they are basically choosing random products and hoping for the best. A female Yeast Infection, which is also known as vaginitis, is a condition that occurs when the chemical balance of the vagina has become disturbed.

Learning the cause of a female Yeast Infection is very important in order to get the appropriate treatment. Only by knowing the causes can women do their best to try and prevent the condition from developing in the first place. The specific type of Yeast Infection that is present in a woman’s body can only be determined by a doctor. Because the symptoms of all these different conditions are so similar it is usually necessary for a woman to go to her doctor to determine just what she is dealing with.

The causes of each type of yeast infection are different. Atrophic vaginitis on the other hand is a condition that only occurs in women who have reached menopause and which results from lower hormone levels. A woman can get a yeast infection from the seemingly simplest things such as the birth control pill and a poor diet. This is why it is so important that a woman be aware of what she is putting in her body and what sort of lifestyle she is living, to avoid chronic yeast infections.

The course of treatment is always much more successful when a woman finds the cause of her yeast infection, especially since there are so many different treatments available these days. Over the counter yeast infection treatments are the most common choice of doctors, just for the fact that they usually work so quickly and effectively. Itching, burning and other symptoms of the yeast infection will disappear almost immediately. It is used to treat the symptoms of a female yeast infection which includes itching, burning and a discharge that resembles cottage cheese.

Home remedies can work well but for women with recurring yeast infections they are often just not enough. Teatree oil also works well and the best plan would probably be for you to go and talk to an alternative medicine specialist who could offer you more information on this. Female yeast infections are never fun to deal with but at least there are more than enough options for treatment today. Wearing cotton underwear and avoiding perfumed bath products can help to prevent yeast infections. For a safe, homeopathic remedy that eases multiple symptoms of yeast infection in both Men and Women click here!


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