The Most Common Symptoms Of A Yeast Infections

March 1, 2010 by admin 

 Most people have heard of Yeast Infections before and while they are extremely common, there are still a lot of people who aren’t exactly sure what they are.  This is a condition that can leave a woman feeling quite dirty and ashamed, but there is no reason for this because many women deal with Yeast Infections on a regular basis.  Statistics actually show that one in every two women will have one or more of these infections in their lifetime.  The first step to dealing with a Yeast Infection is to recognize the problem and that mean understanding what the symptoms of a Yeast Infection.

 By knowing what the symptoms of a Yeast Infection are, a woman will know when they have a problem and get treatment for it right away.  Typically the most common symptoms include an itching and burning of the vagina, especially during urination.  These symptoms tend to get worse if the condition is left untreated and progresses.  Yeast infections can be passed on and it isn’t fair to put someone else at risk when you know there is something wrong with your body.

 Monistat is often the first suggestion of doctors to patients with this problem.  From the symptoms alone it is easy to see why yeast infections are so uncomfortable and difficult to deal with.  Canesten is another popular choice and works in pretty much the same way.  It is a topical medication that is used as a single application and which is effective enough to treat even recurring yeast infections.

 This is of course a great deal more serious, which is the main reason it is so vital to get tested as soon as symptoms like these appear.  Boric acid suppositories work quite well and have been used for years to treat various vaginal infections including those caused by an overgrowth of yeast.  Tea tree oil is another natural remedy that can be used, when diluted and applied topically to the vaginal area.  Even after just a single treatment most women notice a significant improvement in their symptoms and start feeling cleaner and happier.

 Just as important as treating a yeast infection is taking preventive steps to avoid having one return in the future.  It is important for all women to take preventative steps to protect their bodies and avoid getting yeast infections in the future.  The clothes a woman wears greatly affect the likelihood of her developing a yeast infection.  Wearing looser fitting clothing will help by letting air get to the vagina and preventing an overgrowth of bacteria. For a safe, homeopathic remedy that eases multiple symptoms of yeast infection in both Men and Women click here!


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