Recovery From Genital Herpes

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Recovery from Genital Herpes is possible as long as you know the proper way to avoid outbreaks and control the symptoms that are associated with the disease. If you have genital herpes, it is important for you to know that that there currently is no known cure for the disease. But this should not mean though that its the end of the world for you once you have been diagnosed with herpes. The fact is, you can still live a normal life – physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and even sexually. There are many individuals out there who have Genital Herpes that continue to work, date and socialize with their friends.
Recovery from herpes involves a few key steps: treatment, prevention, and staying healthy.
The first key to recovery from Genital Herpes is getting the right treatment. If left unchecked, herpes outbreaks can be very painful and uncomfortable, and they can last longer and be more severe. Not treating the virus also increases the risk of transmission to your partner. Without treatment, the incubation period of outbreaks can be much longer, and can occur well before the symptoms start to appear, and may cause you to misjudge when it is safe to have intercourse, so treatment is very important to your sexual health as well.
There are several options available for treatment, including prescription drugs, natural or herbal treatments, or controlling the disease through diet and lifestyle.
The second key step to recovery from Genital Herpes is prevention. Avoiding outbreaks and controlling the symptoms associated with the disease can mean a huge increase your quality of life, and help you deal with the psychological side of the disease. By preventing outbreaks and controlling the severity when they do occur, you will realize that you do have control over this nasty virus, and this will lessen any anxiety or depression you might feel over having the virus in the first place.
The number one trigger of an outbreak is stress. Therefore, to avoid outbreaks you must try to keep yourself as stress-free as possible. Avoid stressful situations. This is a no-brainer, but it may require drastic changes in your work or home life. Remember, your health comes first, so take proactive steps to keep yourself out of stress’s way.
Other ways to avoid stress include meditation, relaxation therapy, getting regular exercise, and getting enough fitfull sleep every night.
Diet also plays a big role in a person’s recovery from genital herpes. In general, people with herpes should avoid food that contains Arginine which can trigger outbreaks. On the other hand, they must increase their intake of foods rich in Lysine which helps in controlling the symptoms of genital herpes. You can also take a lysine supplement daily to keep the levels up in the body.
Herpes is a very controllable and manageable condition. Once you’ve found a treatment that works for you, and made the appropriate lifestyle changes, you too can live a normal life despite having the virus. Recovery from Genital Herpes is no longer a pipe dream, and you can do it too.


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