how would u react if i told u i just found out i have hpv genital warts?

April 12, 2009 by admin 

i met someone i really liked, we went on a 2nd date, we spent the whole day together, n that night we got intimate. the next morning, we were still affectionate & we made plans to meet up again. it looked promising, n we continued exchanging phone text messages for a while.

however, 2 weeks later, i went for a pap smear, it was abnormal, i waited for a while, n then i got symptoms of HPV i.e. Genital Warts.

i freaked out for 3-4 few months, did not return his messages, later on he thot i was not interested. but recently in 2 months ago, i called him, he sounded surprised but happy to hear from me.

i liked him, n i'm planning to re-kindle where we left off, meet up again for another date or 2, this time take it slow, and then tell him that i just found out i have HPV Genital Warts.

if it was YOU, how would u react?


One Response to “how would u react if i told u i just found out i have hpv genital warts?”

  1. kelstar on April 12th, 2009 5:01 am

    Are you saying he gave them to you or not? If he did, then he shouldnt be that suprised. If he didnt well, he has a right to know especially if you have been intimate. Dont spread it around and be responsible for goodness sakes.

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