Sexually transmitted diseases

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About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs):

Is there a cure for STDs?

STDs caused by viruses cannot be cured. These diseases include Genital Warts, genital herpes, hepatitis B and HIV. Treatment may help with symptoms.

STDs caused by bacteria can be treated with antibiotics. These include syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. The earlier these diseases are diagnosed, the easier they are to treat.

How are STDs spread?

People become infected with STDs when they have sexual contact with an infected person. Any type of sexual contact poses some risk, including genital to genital, oral to genital, anal to genital and oral to anal contact.

What are the symptoms of STDs?

Symptoms vary depending on the disease. In general, symptoms of STDs may include:

Many people, especially women, may not have symptoms.

What about HIV and STDs?

If you have an STD, you are more likely to become infected with HIV if you are exposed. If infected with HIV and another STD, you are more likely to pass HIV to your sexual partner.

Am I at risk of getting an STD?

You may be at risk of getting an STD if:

What are some of the complications of STDs?

STDs in women can lead to a variety of complications. Both chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Women who have had PID may not be able get pregnant or have children. Women infected with a variety of STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis B, and syphilis can pass these infections onto their babies. All of the infections can be given to the baby when the baby passes through the birth canal of an infected mom. Syphilis can also be passed to the baby while the baby is in the womb.
Babies infected with STDs are at risk for a variety of health problems. Babies infected with syphilis while still in the womb may die, have deformed bones, brain damage and other problems. Babies infected with herpes at birth may develop encephalitis, a swelling in the brain, that may cause permanent brain damage or death. Babies infected with hepatitis B will likely have hepatitis the rest of their lives and may develop liver failure and die. Babies infected with chlamydia or gonorrhea usually have eye infections. Babies can also develop pneumonia from chlamydia.
Complications in men can also occur. Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause epididymitis which is an infection of a structure attached to the testicles. This infection can lead to infertility on rare occasions.
In all people, syphilis can cause brain damage, skin and bone damage and heart problems. Gonorrhea can cause arthritis, blood infections and heart problems. Hepatitis B can cause liver failure and is associated with liver cancer.

What can I do to protect myself?

The Only Way To Stop Smoking For Good

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Finding the best way to stop smoking is something that is almost impossible because every person reacts differently to various stimuli or triggers so there are very slight chances for someone to come up with the best way to quit smoking that will help everybody. The fact is that any smoker who wants to quit must first have a strong reason to do so, it is almost impossible to find the best way to stop smoking unless you know why you want to quit. If you ask ten persons who quit smoking what the secret is you will receive 80% different answers, this statistics simply shows how hard it is for science to develop the best way to stop smoking despite all the information and education that is available and the resources that have been thrown at the problem.. So practically everyone is encouraged to use whatever methods necessary to eliminate this problem. Stop smoking products can help you win the nicotine battle when they are tied with your strongest reason for stopping smoking. Do you know that if you write down, and you must write down not just think about, all the reasons you want to quit smoking you are 90% of the way towards quitting for good.

Many smokers turn to patches, gum, lozenges or nasal sprays and discussion groups as the best way to stop smoking, some even choose to change all their life eliminating the activities that encourage smoking. Such decisions make the best way to quit smoking within a specific case, the chance to work the same way for another person is very low. For some people there are alternative best ways to stop smoking, which include spiritual practices that bring about inner balance and positive thinking. What is you driving force as you quit smoking, is it the thought of contracting cancer, having a thrombosis or a stroke or is it something else when you know WHY you will know HOW. When talking about classical medicine miraculous cures as the best ways to stop smoking don’t exist, so you shouldn’t believe claims that someone discovered the best way to quit smoking that works within a blink of an eye. Two Thousand Eight Hundred people successfully stop smoking every day, you can get encouragement from being one of them.

They people who say they do not want to stop smoking for whatever reason they can think of are afraid of failure, failure can be removed by replacing it with a powerful reason for them to stop smoking. There is no need to gain weight when you stop smoking, most people do so because they reach for a sweet substitute in your case reach for fruit it will raise your blood sugar better than nicotine. Begin with the end in mind, although when quitting you take one day at a time when you know where you want to end up the way there is far easier. With each passing day the risk of contracting lung cancer and any other smoke related disease diminishes you are now living a healthy lifestyle. Goodbye to cigarettes and rooms of the blue fog of second-hand smoke. If you like searching the Internet for solution you can take a look over Stop Smoking in 17 Days or Less it might give you some valuable information.

Helping Teens Who Are Suffering From Acne

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Acne is a common problem for teenagers, and most parents of those teens probably dealt with it themselves, to some degree. In most cases, the acne disappeared once the teenage years were past but this is little comfort to most teens in the midst of it now. As a parent, you need to provide moral support but also some good hard facts.

Now, just because you dealt with acne when you were a teen doesn’t make you an expert. The best acne treatments and medications have come a long way in the last few years. Knowing what is available today will let you help your child decide the best way to deal with their acne.

It’s always a good idea to talk to a health care professional for advice. For one thing, a dermatologist can tell you for sure whether those spots are in fact acne. There are other skin conditions that look similar, but need to be treated differently.

Teenagers are usually embarrassed by their acne, so it might be a touchy subject to talk about. You’ll know your teen best but it’s important to be supportive and understanding. Never accuse them of bad habits that led to acne – the old myths about acne being caused by chocolate and greasy foods have been proven to be false.

It’s likely that your teenager is trying every possible acne control technique. If if they avoid talking about it, it’s probably on their mind most of the time. It can affect their self image and in some cases can ultimately lead to depression and withdrawal.

Let them know that you’re available and will do whatever you can to help them with their acne problem. It can sometimes help to talk about your own experiences if you dealt with it as a teen.

While it’s probably small comfort to them, you can remind them that most teens deal with acne to some degree. Studies show that roughly 85% of adolescents have acne and up to 40% have a severe enough case to require dermatologist treatment.

Although there are cases of adult acne, in most cases it doesn’t last forever – as your teen gets older it will most likely become less and less of a problem for them. By the time they reach their 20’s, it will likely be a distant memory – at least until they have teenagers of their own!

Behavioral Interventions Have Many Advantages

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Behavioral interventions come in all different types to address different needs. Whether your child is autistic, overweight, sexually deviant or always in the principal’s office, you can find intervention strategies to assist your family. Community services designed to provide brief intervention or long-term crisis care will ensure that your child has a normal development, despite what may have happened in the past. Start fresh today with an intervention program!

Often, children who need a behavioral intervention suffer from ADHD, autism, dyslexia or another pervasive developmental disorder. An early intervention program is the key to helping the child overcome natural difficulties and find studying techniques that work. The public school system generally only focuses on one particular learning mode, which leaves many students feeling “stupid” or frustrated.

By teaching the student more about their learning needs and focusing on self-empowerment, as well as skill development, the students will begin to learn their way at their own pace and will develop a renewed interest in school. A behavioral intervention can do more than just prevent anger or hyperactive outbursts in school. It can pave the way for your child’s future and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment.

However, a behavioral intervention can also help stop more serious patterns of behavior by attacking the mental framework that drives the individual to act out. For example, behavioral interventions may be used to reduce sexually transmitted diseases in teens. A recent intervention study showed that teens benefited from interventions aimed at reducing the risk of STDs. “In a previous randomized controlled trial, we found that the ‘Sexual Awareness For Everyone’ behavioral intervention significantly reduced the rate of recurrent gonorrhea and chlamydia infections among reproductive-age Mexican-American and African-American women,” wrote Andrea Ries Thurman, MD, from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center San Antonio. The five modifiable behaviors the group focused on were: unprotected sex with untreated partners, lack of monogamy, sex without condoms, partner turnover more than once every three months and douching after intercourse.

behavioral interventions provide self-empowerment, workable solutions, skill assessments and freedom from self-destructive cycles. Sometimes it takes a third party to see our merits when we cannot and to offer a fresh perspective on our life situation. Intervention programs come in all different approaches so it may take more than one interventionist to find the person you or your child feels most comfortable with. Whether it’s a fixation on food, sex, drugs, alcohol or violence, these patterns can be broken with a sensible, individualized, intervention plan.

What Is The Best Acne Treatment?

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The problem of acne can range anywhere from being simply mild and pretty much undetectable to so serious that it hurts a person’s self-esteem as well as their self confidence and has the ability to be unbelievably damaging to a persons life generally speaking. Acne is a condition of the skin that is highly common, particularly in the demographic group of teenagers where it is primarily only temporary.

Acne is a type of condition that happens because of an overproduction of oil from the oil producing glands in the skin. This production of oil is typically not out of the ordinary and assists in helping to lubricate the skin yet when it becomes excessive it can end up in your pores becoming clogged and the result is what we know as pimples. Nodules or cysts might also materialize, and what these areĀ  is deeper types of pimples within the skin that are longer lasting and frequently even last for an individuals whole life.

Best Acne Treatments

In the case of treatment, there are some in particular that are thought to be the best acne treatment. There are actually an excessive quantity of acne fighting products on the open market nowadays that you can’t even count them and the surprising thing is the majority of them don’t even work, yet a few of these have been shown to be useful time and time again.

The initial one needing mention of the best acne treatment is Proactiv. This is one of the best acne treatments and also one of the better known. You will see celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Fox campaigning on television as well as other venues and it certainly appears to be helping numerous individuals who were not capable of finding other effective acne solutions that work for them.

Proactive has been featured in many different media forums such as news stories, infomercials, magazines as well as newspaper articles. It is a 3 step acne fighting system that incorporates a renewing cleanser, repairing lotion, and a revitalizing toner.

A second one to mention of the best acne treatments out there is Accutane. This type of product is stronger to a much greater degree than Proactiv, yet it is still relatively safe for use by all ages. The largest problem with this particular type of product however is that there are numerous types of restrictions in regards to who cannot use it.

For instance women who are pregnant cannot use it, or women who are planning on becoming pregnant or even nursing. It has been demonstrated to result in defects at birth, cracked and dry lips and even dysfunction of the liver, and hence it is crucial to consult with your physician prior to beginning any treatment with it yourself.

Additionally, it is also very crucial to bear in mind that simply because an acne treatment is thought to be one of the best, this doesn’t necessarily dictate that is it one of the best for you in particular. What you have to do is some basic trial and error to discover what is going to work best for your specific acne condition. Always check with your physician prior to any undergoing any treatment.

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