How Genital Warts are Detected

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There are a few methods by which a physician can determine whether or not you have Genital Warts and amongst them, visual inspection is the most common. Often times a doctor will only need to examine the area visually to be able to tell if you have Genital Warts. Genital Warts can be small in appearance, and sometimes invisible to the naked eye. In this case your physician will dab some acetic acid on the suspected area.

If there are warts where the acetic acid was daubed, the genital warts will show up as white patches against the skin. Just for your information, and since I know that I found this to be particularly interesting, acetic acid is vinegar. So although I wouldn’t suggest dousing yourself with vinegar to find out if you do have warts, it can’t hurt to dab a small bit using an ear bud (Q-tip).

You might however, want to stay away from using vinegar to show up any warts if they are located within your body. Other methods used to find out whether or not you have genital warts can include a pap smear. Here a small sample of the mucous membranes are taken and sent in for testing to see if there has been any abnormal cell changes occurring.

Another method used for detection genital warts is colposcopy. In this method the cervix is painted with a vinegar solution and viewed through the colposcope. If a difference in shading is detected then an small area is painted over with a special dye. From the areas which don’t take on the dye, a small sample is taken to be analyzed.

Other than the genital warts detection method using acetic acid, the other methods are geared mainly for genital warts detection in women. However, if your doctor believes that cancer might be a possibility a biopsy might be done to rule out cancer.

Although the presence of genital warts may indicate cancer being present, it doesn’t necessarily mean so. The warts can be as a result of cancer, or cancer can occur due to cell changes that the warts might induce. This is especially true in cases where the genital warts are left untreated or have gone undetected.

How to Deal With a Genital Warts Infection During Pregnancy

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If you’re pregnant and have Genital Warts you should really talk with your doctor for the best possible medical advice. Some medications won’t be suitable for use while you’re pregnant, and alternatives should be discussed. Genital Warts can also become aggravated during pregnancy, and in some cases can cause problems during childbirth. There is also a chance for vaginal bleeding to occur as well due to these warts.

Additionally, you should also be aware that if you have Genital Warts, there’s a chance that during childbirth, the genital HPV infection might be passed on to your newborn baby. In some cases this won’t amount to anything, but in a few rare cases the baby might develop this strain of warts in the throat area. This is called laryngeal pappiloma.

The genital warts infection won’t necessarily show up immediately and can manifest itself as much as three years on from time of infection. Treatment is available to help cure the genital warts and to relieve any discomfort your baby might suffer, but the treatment might need to be frequent

Genital warts can appear during pregnancy if you are already infected. Warts can become larger and increase with pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding may occur. If the genital warts are in the vagina, cervix or vulva you might find that a normal delivery is difficult. However, cesarean delivers aren’t necessarily recommend for pregnant women who have genital warts. Genital warts in the birth canal can also lead to your newborn baby becoming infected with HPV.

In these cases, which are very rare, the warts will tend to develop in and around the throat area. Treatment will need to be sought to clear these. The presence of genital warts in the vagina or in and around the urethra can make urinating difficult, especially as the warts may tend to increase in size.

Remedy for Genital Warts That you May Have Ignored All This Time

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Banana peel remedy for Genital Warts has been said to work for quite a lot of people, and despite the fact that it might sound weird it can be beneficial to you. For some people though this remedy works best on other types of warts like common warts and plantar warts. What you need to do is to take the peel of banana and tape it into place over the wart. Change the banana peel “dressing” every few hours, and continue until the warts have disappeared.

Onions remedy for Genital Warts, like garlic, are known to be good for your body and including them in your foods whenever you can is one surefire way to get them into your body. But if you need a quick pick-me-up for your Genital Warts, you can always try to include them raw, into your diet. Although I have to confess that I have as yet to bring myself to try this remedy for genital warts out, I have it on good authority (from an old college buddy who’s game to try anything!), that eating a fresh raw onion once in the morning, afternoon and evening, can do wonders for you.

Like I said, I have yet to try out this particular remedy for genital warts as I truly can’t stand the taste of raw onions, but if you feel brave enough there can’t be any harm in trying it – unless of course you start throwing up because of the taste! And, here’s the bad news if you’re not too fond of onions: you should ideally do this for about at least one month for it to start working. And the preventative method with this (because there is one)? You need to eat a quarter of a raw onion every day, presumably for the rest of your life, or until your partner throws you out for harboring bad breath.

Salt and Onions remedy for genital warts; Extract juice from a fairly large onion and add salt to it. Apply this juice to the infected area about 1-2 times a day until cleared up. Alternatively you could slice the onions and cover with salt. Let it sit a while and the juice that forms from this is what you need to use.

Shitake Mushrooms remedy for genital warts; Although many mushrooms have medicinal properties it was not until very recently that this was found out and accepted by the West. In Asian countries like China and Japan mushrooms are used on a daily basis as medicinal herbs. For the case of remedy for genital warts though, the Shitake mushroom is then one you want to look at. Including this mushroom in your diet has shown to significantly reduce the recurrence of genital warts in may people.

Since it is the mushroom body that is used as a remedy for genital warts, the mushroom can be used in a soup or as a decoction. Both methods will get the mushroom into your system. You also have the option of getting the medicinal qualities of the mushroom into your system through the use of a commercially prepared extract of the mushroom.

It is called LEM, and is not a pure extract of the shitake mushroom. The pure extract is available in Japan where it is considered to be a drug.

The extract you buy will only be a fraction of the pure form. You should only use about 1-3 grams of it about 2-3 times daily. The usage of high amounts of LEM has been known to induce adverse reactions in people along the lines of diarrhea, so you should only take the recommend amount. You should also be aware that there can be reactions with certain drugs, so it’s best to consult with a physician or an herbalist to find out what these are.

Shitake mushroom decoction; Use: 1 large/ 2 medium Shitake Mushrooms, and 2 – 3 cups of water. Wash the mushroom and place in a pan filled with the water. You can slice the mushroom if you want. Place it on the heat and bring to a boil, then lower the heat and let it simmer for about 15-20 minutes. After it is done, strain the water and drink.

Herbal Topical Gels For Genital Warts

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The first instinct of people upon finding out that they have symptoms of Genital Warts is to consult with a medical practitioner, who then recommends commercial prescription medications to combat the said disease. However, many people are starting to realize the advantages of using herbal topical gels. First they are easy to acquire, prepare, and apply. Next, they are cheaper than commercial drugs. Finally and most importantly, they are safe and pose no risk of harmful side effects.
Holistic medical practitioners claim that these herbal topical gels can improve our immune system. As a consequence, many skin conditions can be treated like Genital Warts. A skin condition as sensitive and serious as Genital Warts can be both physically and emotionally disruptive to the lives of sufferers. Since herbal topical gels have been proven to successfully alleviate the symptoms of genital warts, those sufferers can be spared from the possibly painful and embarrassing visits to the doctor.
Instead of resorting to electrocautery (burning) or cryotherapy (freezing) of the warts on the extremely sensitive genital regions, herbal topical gels can be utilized to boost the immunity of our skin in order to help it battle the said viral infection. As such, they are called immune response modifiers. The most popular forms of herbal topical gels for genital warts contain effective ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil that aid in improving the immune system of our skin to help fight off viral infections.
Aside from tea tree oil and salicylic acid, grape seed extract is found in herbal topical gels used against genital warts. This compound is obtained from the seeds of the kind of red grapes used in making wine. Grape seed extract is regarded as a very effective antioxidant. In fact, some experts believe that it contains more ingredients for boosting the immune system than do vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. A lot of doctors even advise their patients to drink one glass of red wine per day in order to enhance the immune system and prevent heart disease.
Herbal topical gels that are used to combat genital warts may be found in most health food stores and at some pharmacies. They may also be purchased from online retailers.
Some people have found that genital warts may reappear even after treating them using herbal topical gels. In some cases, they may appear in even larger quantities and areas than before. It is thus vital that those who have finished using herbal topical gels be on the look out for future outbreaks and re-start the treatment as soon as they notice any signs of the return of genital warts. It is also very important that people who are currently or have been infected with genital warts tell their sexual partner about it in order to avoid the increase in infectors.
A lot of people have found that herbal topical gels have been effective in treating their genital warts. However, some medical doctors are against using these natural remedies. It is because they are concerned of the possible side effects of the contents of these herbal preparations, especially when used improperly.

How to Deal with Genital Warts

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HPV -human papillomavirus is responsible for the occurrence of warts in the genitals which is a menace that anyone does not want to have. But this virus is very contagious that millions of people are now infected by the virus and they need to deal with Genital Warts. Having a sexually transmitted disease is something very embarrassing and frustrating.Here are some tips on how to deal with Genital Warts:Abstain from sex. If you already have the virus, you can transmit it to your partner and the only thing you can do to avoid spreading the virus is abstain from sexual intercourse until you are cured. Before learning how to deal with Genital Warts, you need to prevent the virus from spreading. Use protection during sexual intercourse. If there are cases that sex cannot be avoided, it is best to wear protection like condom. Although this is not 100% reliable because it cannot cover all the infected areas, you have to be cautious during intercourse not to transfer the virus or get the virus from an infected partner.Boost your immune system. Another way to deal with genital warts is improving your immune system to improve your antibodies that fights the HPV responsible for genital warts. Avoid stressful situations and as much as possible learn to manage stress because stress is a big factor affecting your immune system. Eat a well balanced diet and get enough sleep to make you healthy and stronger.Seek medical advice on the onset of the infection. Once you have the symptoms of genital warts, the best way to deal with it is see a doctor. Although most warts are not life threatening and might go away on their own, it is very important to rule out any condition that might lead to serious health issues. Your doctor may prescribe antiviral medicines to help you treat genital warts. There are also advance treatments to deal with genital warts like laser treatment, freezing or cryotherapy and electrocautery.Alternative remedies. Natural remedies are also gaining popularity because some sufferers find it effective and inexpensive as an alternative way to deal with genital warts. If you have tried almost everything but the virus is still there and you are suffering from recurring genital warts outbreak, then natural remedies are another option. Did you know that you can get rid of stubborn warts naturally in just 3 days? To know how visit Moles and Warts Free in 3 days.To know more about health and beauty visit Great Discovery-Health and Beauty

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