Natural Muscle Building – Growing Muscles The Natural Way

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In the muscle building area, it seems to be the easiest way to use supplements to gain muscles fast. You have to be very careful though as most of these substances, like steroids are man-made. Natural muscle building is the healthy way of building muscles without these artificial substances being used. This doesn’t mean though that you have to totally stay away from supplements. Many supplements on the market are natural products that can be used without any harmful side effects. You just need to stay away from man-made supplements, steroids and hormones that are available for faster muscle gain.

There is a very strong movement in the body building industry against the use of artificial and of course illegal supplements – controls are very strict in competitions. Many competitions will perform a test on the participants, before allowing them to compete. If someone is found to be guilty using illegal substances they will be banned from participation. The trend is actually going towards special competitions for natural body builders.

Syntetic supplements will certainly help you to grow muscles very fast, but oftentimes with heavy side effects. Natural muscle building is all about growing your muscles by optimizing your nutritional intake, which keeps you healthy and energetic while your body mass grows.

You certainly agree with me now that natural muscle building is the way you might want to go. For optimal results it is very important that your body gets the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. This will help you in maximizing your workout sessions. A balanced diet adjusted to your workout intensity and taking natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes is essential for your body’s internal system, so it can send  the muscle building proteins to the parts in your body that need them the most.

It is a wonderful and healthy way to grow your muscles naturally through a good nutrition and an effective weight training program. There is never a reason to use steroids other then monetary aspects. Building muscles the natural way is just as effective. Sure it needs more time, but hey – what is better? To have a great body in a short time, but having to cope with some serious health issues? Or to build a great body the natural way, which of course needs more time, but you will feel great and stay healthy?

The key components of every natural muscle building program is to maintain a positive mindset for your workout program and eat healthy. You can use supplements like creatine and glutamine, which are naturally produced by the body, to tone your muscles. These natural supplements are only enhancing the substances that are in your body anyway.

Muscle building the natural way is definitely your way to go if your goal with a muscle building program is to feel good and get healthy. With the side effect of a gorgeous body. Avoid growth hormones and steroids at all costs.

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Ingrown toenails and other health problems

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Nails should be cut straight across with a clean, sharp nail trimmer without tapering or rounding the corners. Trim the nails no shorter than the edge of the toe. Nails should be trimmed straight across. The corners of the nails should not be trimmed back. Nails grow from the base to the tip, as anyone who has used nail varnish knows. Because it can take 18 months for a nail to be replaced completely by a new one, it may be a long time before you see a result.

Nails are composed of a substance called keratin, similar to that in skin and hair, only harder because of less water content within the nail. They are a hard, resilient structure whose main function is to protect the blood vessels, nerves and bones underneath [1]. Nail fungi affect toenails four times more often than fingernails. Once fungi take hold, it may spread from nail to nail, foot to foot, and rarely to the hands and fingernails. Nails should be cut flat across the top, and the corners should not be cut out. If you feel the need to cut the corners, it should be done only by a podiatrist.

Nail fungi affect toenails four times more often than fingernails. Once fungi take hold, it may spread from nail to nail, foot to foot, and rarely to the hands and fingernails. Nail fungus is an embarrassing dilemma which causes humiliating experiences and restriction of wearing open-toed sandals. It is not easy to treat when the fungus is quite hard to reach.

Ingrown toenails can develop for various reasons. In many people, the tendency to have this common disorder is inherited. Ingrown toenails can be the result of improper trimming, wearing tight or poor fitting shoes and trauma. To prevent ingrown toenails, it is advisable to trim your toenails straight across instead of cutting them in a rounded shape and always stick to shoes that are well fitting, allowing enough space to your toenails to breathe instead of pressing them hard. Ingrown toenails are one the more common foot problems treated by the Podiatrist. They can be very painful, with people limiting their activity to keep off their sore feet.

Ingrown toenail removal can be performed without a tourniquet, but it is easier with a bloodless surgical field. If a tourniquet is used, it should be removed as soon as possible. Ingrown nails can be avoided by cutting nails straight across; nails should not be cut along a curve, nor should they be cut too short. In both cases, the important thing to avoid is cutting the nail shorter than the flesh around it. Ingrown toenails are likely to recur, so preventative measures are important.

Pain can be present without infection, and occasionally infection is present without pain. The usual signs of infection include; redness ( erythema ), swelling ( edema ), increased warmth ( calor ), and pain ( dolor ). Pain is the main symptom of an ingrown toe nail – usually just starting as some minor discomfort. This may be just the pressure from the side of the nail or it may be because the nail has actually penetrated the skin down the side of the nail. If you need more info feel free to check toenail fungus infection  and Toenail fungus tea tree oil as potential resources.

Give Your Baby A Chance; Consider The Effects Of Smoking During Pregnancy

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The multi-national tobacco companies should continue to receive the utter scorn of the worlds population as science has revealed their product and practices border on the criminal. Without going into to much detail take a look at what happens from the production of cigarettes through to the toxic chemical created and released by the burning process and maybe you will begin to understand what the act of smoking is actually doing to your body.

Taking it one step further, consider what the effects of smoking during pregnancy are on both the mother and the child.  The effects range from mild to very extreme.  Also, the effects of smoking during pregnancy, has negative repercussions not only on the baby but has continual implications through childhood and possibly into adulthood.

Complications in the Mother

The complications that they mother may experience because of the effects of smoking during pregnancy are as follows:
1. The mother can be hospitalized due to excessive vomiting.
2. Develop urinary tract infections,
3. Have an ectopic pregnancy, which is when the fertilized egg does not grow in the correct place.
4. The placenta can separate from the uterine wall before delivery or there can be too much amniotic fluid. 

These complications can occur both during pregnancy and delivery.

Since the effects of smoking during pregnancy can cause the mother to have a miscarriage or a stillbirth, psychological problems, such as depression, can arise.  Finally, death of the mother can occur due to hemorrhage during childbirth.

Complications in the Child

The effects of smoking during pregnancy on a child can be assigned into four categories.  The four categories are:
1. Size of the baby,
2. Genetic abnormalities,
3. Illnesses possibly developed later in childhood,
4. Death.

The size of the newborn is greatly altered due to smoking for two reasons. 
1. Preterm delivery. 
2. Size is altered because rather than nutrients crossing the placenta, chemicals such as nicotine and carbon monoxide reach the baby.  Without the nutrients, the baby is thus often underweight, which increase his or her chances of becoming ill. 

The effects of smoking during pregnancy can also cause genetic abnormalities,  Such as cleft lip and cleft palate.  Also, bowel problems can be experienced.  Other abnormalities can occur in sensory systems such as the eyes and ears.  More severe consequences are also seen.  These include spinal cord problems, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation.

Consider your actions very carefully, do you want to risk the health of your unborn child?

Consequences can also develop later in childhood.

In early childhood, respiratory problems, such as asthma, can be seen.  Also, behavior disorders often develop in toddlers.  The worst consequence of the effects of smoking during pregnancy is sudden infant death syndrome, which is also known as SIDS.

The consequences can be seen in adolescents, which include increased likelihood of smoking themselves. 

The effects of smoking during pregnancy is a major issue that women, men, parents, and children have to deal with.  The effects of smoking during pregnancy have far reaching repercussions for the mother, fetus, baby, toddler child and adolescent  I hope that all parents to be take this information on board and act accordingly with the wellbeing of their newborn in mind.

Eczema Sufferers, Look For Alternative Natural Treatments

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In today’s age of modern medicine many people are looking for alternative treatments for eczema. This is likely the result of a growing notion that  taking steroids whether in pill form  or creams for extended periods of time is never good for you, so before you give up and think you have to live with the itch, go online and research what natural treatment for eczema may help to ease your symptoms.

Options For Natural Treatments

Modern medicine has not yet established what actually causes eczema, however it is thought that it may have something to do with the immune system and can be caused by allergies so it is advisable for sufferers to examine what they have eaten or done just prior to the onset of eczema as this is likely the culprit and it could be as simple as staying away from whatever brought on the attack.    

The first thing to do if you are suffering from eczema is you should always keep your skin moisturized.  If you stay vigilant about keeping your skin moist, this can go a long way as a natural eczema treatment that can keep your skin itch and flare-up free.  Moisturize your skin thoroughly in the morning and again before you go to bed at night.

An emollient is a great natural treatment for eczema.  You can use an emollient that comes in oil form, a lotion or a cream.  An added bonus to using an emollient is that in the summer you can put this natural treatment for eczema in the refrigerator.  This will be a cooling as well as soothing on those hot and sticky summer days.

When you are suffering from a particularly itchy or painful eczema flare-up, taking an oatmeal bath is an excellent natural treatment for eczema.  You can find many choices from famous name brands that carry oatmeal baths as a natural treatment.  You can also use rolled oats to add to your bath too.  Just add one to two cups of oatmeal to a lukewarm bath, and before you know it, this natural treatment for eczema will having you feeling almost instant relief.  Remember to moisturize after the bath as well.

If you want a natural treatment for eczema to soothe your itchy skin, just mix a teaspoon of slippery elm bark, on teaspoon of comfrey root, and one teaspoon of white bark in two cups of water.  Boil this mixture for about thirty five minutes and let it cool off.  This may not entirely alleviate the itch, but if you use the mix as a wash for the affected skin, it can drastically decrease your itch.

Blueberry leaves are also said to be a good natural treatment for eczema.  You can also either take vitamin E tablets orally, or cut the pills open and apply the vitamin E directly on to affected areas.  The application of fresh aloe vera gel to the wound is also known to help.

There are many natural treatments for eczema that are available if you are determined to find them.  You can visit any health food store in your area, or natural market online or off, and find what they have available as a natural treatment for eczema.  If you are still under the care of your regular doctor, please keep him.her informed as to what you are doing to ensure there is no conflict.

Combat The Causes Of Short Term Memory Loss

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It is very easy to put short term memory loss down to old age. And say that it is but natural to start forgetting things as you age. However, while this may be true, there are several other causes of short term memory loss that should not be ignored as they could be signalling to more complex problems.

Let’s have a look at some of these more complex matters, for example:

Alzheimer’s disease

As our population ages the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia become more and more prevalent.Anyone who has lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s understands that this cause of short term memory loss is something not to be taken lightly. Coupled with dementia, this disease is the subject of a lot of research and although no real cure has been found for it, nipping it in the bud or at least diagnosing it correctly in the preliminary stages is crucial.

Blood Sugar

Another problem associated with modern living is the tendency to skip meals during the day and making up with a large heavy meal at night. People that starve themselves then have a big meal often have very instable blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar can lead the brain to get sleepy and groggy and hence become one of the causes of short term memory loss. This is why doctors often recommend that patients who want to improve their memory have six small meals in a day as opposed to three large ones so as to keep blood sugar levels steady.

Hormonal Havoc

Again as a part of the aging process, hormonal imbalance is often a cause of short term memory loss as menopause sets in and estrogen levels start to dwindle. Although hormone replacement therapies and other such treatments and preventions have become common today, this is certainly a factor worth looking into when figuring out causes of memory loss.

Depression and Drinking

The pressures of living today is a major cause of depression and short term memory loss. People who are depressed and especially those who are taking medication often cannot remember things clearly because of the side effects of the drugs. Apart from medical drugs, recreational drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption can also be amongst the causes of short term memory loss.

Natural Treatments

It is important to have your doctor diagnose yur condition and isolate the causes of your short term memory loss for your specific case, he may recommend drugs, mental exercises, a more healthy lifestyle or some natural, herbal supplements,.

Although the results have not been very conclusive, some studies have shown that ginkgo biloba and anti-oxidants to help prevent brain cell damage and to restore mental memory function has been successful. Some like to try out the herbal supplements, some prefer a more pharmaceutical approach whereas some just like the old fashioned route of healthy eating and exercise. Ask your doctor which is best for your case.

As they say “If you don’t use it you will lose it”, it is therefore very important to keep your mind and body active ensuring good blood circulation. Don’t sucome to the trappings of the modern sedentary lifestyle be active in both body and mind.

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