How to tell a girl?

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I am a nice guy who had a bad luck and ended up with HPV Genital Warts. How do i date woman now and keep them around with that. I feel really insecure to a point i don't want to date at all and i will probably miss some nice relationship

What is my risk?

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I have had 3 boyfriends in the last year, all of which I had unportected sex with. Unfortunately, I did get Chlamydia and HPV (Genital Warts) from the first boyfriend, which I have since remedied and am clear of. I have never used IV drugs, and neither have any of them. The most recent boyfriend was tested a few weeks ago and came up negative. I just got tested for HIV and have not recevived the results yet. What are my chances of coming up positive? I'm a complete hypochondriac and I'm kind of freaking out.
I forgot to add that I did not have unprotected anal sex with any of them either.

10 POINTS do you think he cheated?

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ok i have been with my boyfriend since may 1st 07! long distance… have had unprotected sex…. i flew down to see him 3-4 times so we have been together for 9months and on dec 12 i had the gardisil shot and then on december 28th he was diagionsed with HPV (Genital Warts) and im still clean cause i went on the 28th also so does this mean he cheated on me

STD and vaccine’s for Expectant mothers?

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If the parents of an unborn child have sexually transmitted diseases, wont the child be born with them? I know a couple, where the expectant mother has HPV, (Genital Warts) and the father has Hepatitis C. As far as I know, now that they have transfused body fluids, the expectant mother now also has Hep. C. My question is will the baby be born with the diseases and is there a vaccine once he/she is born to cure it? Does the mother now also have Hep.? And will the baby have hep. and HPV for the rest of it's life?

Comments about teen sex?

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I'm sorta tired/ disgusted with all the young teens that are confused on the topic of whether to have sex or not. So I'm going try to state the pros and cons about sex and possible alternatives. I need adults and teens alike to post and add to the list. After a while, I'll update the list and repost.

We are talking about teenagers not ADULTS

Sex pros.
1) Some guys and girls are horny and sex just feels good.
2) Helps mentally and emotionally unite people together.
3) It's sexy

Sex cons.
1) Getting caught
2) Pregnancy
3) Lots of STD's. You can have more than 1 STD at a time.
Hepatitis B (HBV)
Genital Herpes (HSV)
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Genital Warts
4) HIV/AIDS Survival rate if you have AIDS 3%
5) Chance of injuring relationship

Possible alternatives: Sex with underwear on, masturbation, grind dance, making out

Don't listen to peer pressure. Here's the information, you make your own decisions.

Can you all add more information to this list?

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