Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Std

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If you are sexually active, you must be aware of the wide range of STDs that can affect you. take a look at std guide we have compiled below and explore everything you need to know. There is a wide variety of sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases, so take a look at the news, we have given below and learn how to protect yourself against them. Sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections are taken through many types of sexual contact, including anal penetration, oral and vaginal sex. There are many sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections, although we have provided information on some key below. If you need additional advice, please contact a doctor or nurse in sexual health. Genital Warts are a widespread sexually transmitted infections. they are caused by the virus detection of HPV, which can be transmitted during sexual intercourse with. However, not everyone who suffers from the virus develops Genital Warts. A number of people suffering from discovering the virus will be allowed in the body over time. it is rare for Genital Warts to be the cause of any long-term health problems. HIV is the most serious std. It attacks the body’s immune system, which usually defends the body against infection and disease. HIV infects cells that are called CD4 cells and are responsible for the fight against disease and infection. after being infected by HIV, HIV destroys CD4 cells. what makes someone who is infected with HIV with a high risk of contracting a serious infection or diseases, including cancer. For more help and support on sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections, go see your sexual health centre. they will be able to test yourself, and also offer treatment. You can also try pr your visit for advice. do not be nervousabout pr your visit, they often sensitive issues. The only way to be 100% sure of MTS and sexually transmitted infections is refraining from any sexual activity. despite this, if you are sexually active, you can protect your sexual health by having regular testing and std sti, especially if you get a new sexual partner. it goes without saying that condoms are a must. They protect you against pregnancy, and a wide range of MTS and sexually transmitted infections.

Condyloma Acuminatum Infection – Why You Should Be Concerned

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If you are sexually active and have had plenty of partners, beware! You are at a high risk of contracting condyloma acuminatum. The infection is very common among young adults of both sexes and mainly depends on your sexual habits. The infection is a matter of concern, especially for women because it is associated with cervical cancer later in life.
The infection can becaused by any one of forty different types of viruses. They are collecftively grouped into the family called the Human Papilloma Viruses. Condyloma acuminatum is generally caused by two strains of viruses belonging to this family. The virus infects the skin of the genitals and causes the skin cells to proliferate. This is why the condition manifests as warts. The condition is commonly called Genital Warts. The abnormal growth of cells predisoses you to genital cancers of many types. The strongest associations have been found between cancer of the cervix and condyloma acuminatum.
The infection takes some time to manifest. the average time before symptoms are seen is around three months. In this period, you might not even be aware that you have an infection. Having unprotected sex with others in this phase leads to the spread of condyloma acuminatum. This is the reason why this infection is the commonest among all the sexually transmitted diseases in the world right now. You can reduce the chances of spreading or getting infected if you use a barrier contraceptive. This precaution will definitely reduce the chances of getting infected although you cannot completely rule out an infection.
The virus spreads very easily through sexual contact, by oral sex and even by infected hands. If you have warts outside the genitals even barrier contraception wont reduce the transmission rates. This is because the warts are highly infectious and coming in contact with them is enough to get a condyloma cuminatum infection.
If you have multiple sex partners you should try and get yourself vaccinated. There is a vaccine available for girls and women from nine to twenty six years of age. it is marketed under the brand name Gardasil. Getting your vaccine shots will protect you against the most common strains of condyloma acuminatum. This will ensure that you have protection gainst the infection adn alos against cervical cancer. Gettinga a vaccination does not mean you do not use protection while having sex. if you are having sex with strangers or some one who already had an STD in the past, use protection so that the chances of transmission are very low.
If you became sexually active at a young age, it is advisable to get yourself vaccinated. This simple step will protect you from serious consequences in the future. You have to get yourself treated if you have condyloma acuminatum. The treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor or a qualified health care provider. You should also take precautions like abstaining from sex during treatment and not injuring the warts. Do not try to pick or pull out the warts, this will only increase the chances of infection by hands and aid the spread of infection.

Gynecological Screening India- Low Cost Gynecological Screening India

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Gynecological Screening India

A Gynaecological examination not only rules out any early vaginal or cervical infections, but also detects any early uterine fibroids or ovarian pathology & provides advice on:


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Complete Cardiac Evaluation


Eye Screening


The eye is an extremely important organ & neglecting eye conditions ran lead to blindness resulting in complete darkness in one’s life. Annual eye checkups not only help in detecting early age-related changes like cataract, but also help evaluate:



Dental Screening

Dental and oral problems have been increasing at an alarming rate due to modern diet, lack of oral hygiene, stress, and increasing prevalence of diabetes.A Dental screening evaluates oral hygiene, tooth decay and cavities, gum diseases and precancerous mouth ulcers. It also provides advice on dental care & smile enhancement….


Diet and Nutrition

A diet consultation can help bring awareness of healthy eating habits & a good lifestyle. A diet consultation not only gives advice on the correct diet and nutrition for the ideal body weight, but also provides advice on an adequate exercise programme. Exercise along with a healthy diet provides overall wellness…. 



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Do not Let Diabetes Control you

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Diabetes is an affection that prevents the human body from using insulin in transforming the glucose from the blood, leading to an accumulation of glucose in the blood, also known as a high sugar level in the blood.

As a consequence of diabetes, the human body is unable to transform food into energy, and so, it develops other problems involving the heart, the eyes (leading to a blurred vision), and even blood clotting which is very dangerous because it can get you to a cerebral vascular accident (stroke).

By a recent estimate, in the US are known to be 17 million people suffering by diabetes, leading to the conclusion that diabetes is quite a common disease.

Nowadays, people affected by diabetes can use many home remedies to improve their living and to keep their blood sugar levels constant, leading to controlling the diabetes.

People suffering of diabetes are known as owners of a weakened immune system, causing them a lot of inconveniences, such as planter warts.

Planter warts are caused by the attack of a virus called The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and they occur on the sole of the foot. Also, due to this weakened immune system, the planter warts will not cure so easily.

The doctor will inform the person affected by diabetes that this illness can not be cured, but it can be held under control by keeping the sugar lever in the blood within a limit. So, the patient will follow an appropriate diet, will self monitor his blood sugar concentration and will follow an active lifestyle.

Another solution to become insulin independent it to have a kidney-pancreas transplant, but this is costly and risky and not most people will opt for this.

Nowadays, researchers try to find a remedy for diabetes using stem cells, but their solution is not ready to be applied on humans yet.

One of the most reliable methods to control diabetes is to keep a proper diet. Patients with diabetes type I should eat 35 calories/kg of body weight daily, equalizing to 16 calories/ pound/ day. Patients with diabetes type II can eat 1500-1800 calories/day and even more if they are obese.

Carbohydrates are very important, because they keep the blood sugar levels low, and so, they should represent 50% of the daily calories.

Another effective home remedy is the bitter gourd, also known as Karela. One tablespoon of Karela juice/day can amazingly lower your blood sugar level, but it does not taste too good. A tablespoon of Amla juice taken daily for two months can stimulate your pancreas to secrete insulin. The leaves of Butea tree are also effective.

Another popular remedy is: ten Tulsi leaves, ten Belpatras and ten Neem leaves, with a glass of water taken on an empty stomach.

People suffering of diabetes must follow an active lifestyle. Doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercises daily and a supplement of vitamins and minerals.

One of the most important things in trying to control the diabetes is the support of the family and friends during the first weeks of the new adjustments in the patient’s life.

So, if you want to find out more about type 1 diabetes or even about symptoms of diabetes please follow this link

About Cervical Cancer

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The lower narrow portion of the woman’s uterus is called the cervix. This opening to the passageway is called the cervical canal. During a menstrual period the blood flows from the uterus through the canal and into the vagina. Producing mucus that helps sperm move from the vagina to the uterus, the cervix remains tightly closed. Knowing the exact function and location of the cervix will aid a lot as we discuss cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is the formation of abnormal cells on the lining of the cervix. Normally as cells grow they divide, the old cells die, and new cells replace them. When the normal process by which cells divide goes wrong, masses of tissue known as tumors begin to grow. Benign tumors are not life threatening and normally can easily be removed permanently. They usually stay in one location and do not normally spread to other parts of the body. However, some tumors are malignant; these are the ones that are a lot more serious as they have the possibility of spreading and growing at alarming rates if not caught early. They are life threatening and can be removed but sometimes grow again. When these malignant tumors occur, they are known as cancer.

Risk factors that can contribute to the possibility of developing cervical cancer are infections. The main infection that causes cervical cancer is the human papillomavirus, These are common viruses that are extremely contagious. It is estimated that most adults have at one time in their lives been infected with HPV because of coming into sexual contact with another person with the virus. It can cause changes to the cervix that will eventually turn into cancer, warts, or other uncomfortable and unpleasant problems. A weakened immune system will have the same affect n the cervix or women who have had many partners have a higher level of risk than those who have not. Sometimes normal aging is a factor, usually occurring in women over age 40.

Cancer that spreads from its place of origin to another part of the body the new tumor is identical to the original cell and therefore the cancer is the same no matter what part of the body it has spread to. For example: if a woman has cervical cancer that has spread to her breast we would not call this breast cancer but we would say that the cervical cancer cells are located in her breast. It would be treated as cervical cancer and not breast cancer. If a woman has symptoms arising from cervical cancer then she waited much too long. Regular screenings for cervical cancer is imperative as the cells can be prevented from forming into cervical cancer way before symptoms begin. Today the number of cases in the U.S. has been falling thanks to screening and early detection. Doctors recommend that regular PaP smear test are performed to find cervical cancer or abnormal cells that lead to cancer of the cervix. Early detection is the way to preventing this kind of cancer, it is treatable with a high rate of success, so get tested regularly to prevent this from becoming a big problem. It is hard to prevent diseases without living in fear, but as long as you are observant of signs, you will be able to reduce the risk of mortality.

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