Hpv Infection

November 1, 2009 by admin 

Many people in the world who suffer from an HPV infection will be quite unaware of this fact. This is in large part due to the reason that even though someone has an HPV infection, they might not in fact, display any signs or symptoms of the HPV infection.

In fact some people can go through their lives with an HPV infection and never develop the signs. Unfortunately for quite a lot of people, they will display the signs and symptoms of their HPV infection, and since HPV is highly contagious, there are also a great many people who will contract an HPV infection in their lifetimes.

HPV, or the Human Papilloma Virus as it is also known, comes in four different major forms. These are, Plantar warts (such as Verruca), Common warts, Acrochordons, and Genital Warts. All of these strains of the HPV infection are contagious.

It should also perhaps be noted that an HPV infection can’t really be cured. The symptoms of it – generally in the form of warts – can be cured and removed using various methods. The actual HPV infection however will not be cured by any of these methods.

The immune system will need to fight the HPV infection off by itself. And as the immune system can sometimes take up to two to three years to get the HPV infection out of its system, a person might be subject to more than one episode of recurrence as well.

To date there has been found roughly over a hundred different strains of the HPV infection. This in turn means that even if you successfully fight off the initial HPV infection, you still stand a chance of getting a different type of HPV.

This is because each strain of HPV is different, and although you might now have the antibodies to fight off one particular strain of HPV, you don’t have immunity against all of them.

There really is no need to worry about this however. Even though there is no cure as such for an HPV infection, there are various different preventative measures which you can take to help you ward off an infection.

These are very simple and for the most part will involve nothing more strenuous than changing your lifestyle to something which is healthier. A few other precautions taken on your part – especially in the case of a genital HPV – means that you have a better than even chance of avoiding an HPV infection.


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