Sex and Genital Warts – Prevention is Better Than a Cure

November 1, 2009 by admin 

What is HPV?

HPV is a tiny microscopic organism or virus particle that attacks the skin. Whenever the Genital Warts surface they will appear on skin that is usually moist in or around the genital area, manifesting as small single bumps or at other a time a mass of several growths cramped together. When they are not treated in good time, they are likely to grow and become large mass that resembles the head of a cauliflower. Sometimes the warts are inside the vagina or the anus and may be difficult to see with the naked eye. They will announce their presence by a painful or itching sensation during the sexual act.

Are there people who are more susceptible than others?

There are several risk factors that put’s some people at a higher risk than the rest of the population that you need to be aware of:

Sometimes a child will develop Genital Warts and that should raise a red flag to the parents or guardians on the possibility of sexual abuse going on just below their noses.

How can I protect myself?

You can receive a degree of protection by using latex condoms in a proper way. The challenge is that because he virus does not necessarily spread by exchange of bodily fluids, it is possible to use condoms and still get the infection. How is that possible you ask? The virus gets from one person to the other through skin to skin contact. The condom leaves many parts of the genital area exposed and so they are still risky even with the little protection they can afford you.

The most important aspect of prevention that is known to work 100 percent is total sexual abstinence. When you abstain from sex, at least until you decide to get married, you greatly reduce the chances of ever being infected. And even when you have taken a precautionary step like abstinence, it is important to know the health status of your partner. The little inconvenience you will suffer by waiting just a little longer cannot compare with the painful torturous journey of trying to treat a condition like Genital Warts. Remembering also that most forms of treatment only deal with the warts, leaving the underlying virus still active inside your body, should be motivation enough for you to think twice before unzipping.

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