Assessing Your Teeth Whitening Alternatives

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Does the discoloration of your teeth give a you look that is older than you actually are? Peoples teeth become discolored for an assortment of reason. There are some of us that have teeth that are naturally dull compared to other peoples teeth.

Then there are some people who unintentionally stain their teeth over a period of time, either from smoking, or consuming drinks that stain their teeth such as tea, coffee, red wine, as well as cola type beverages. Then there are others that experience discoloration of their teeth due to a side effect of an illness or medication that they are taking

Choices for Getting Your Teeth Whitening

There are basically three options for the person who wants to get his teeth whitened and those are; utilizing special types of tooth whitening toothpaste, utilizing home whitening remedies, and getting your teeth whitened at your local dentist’s place of practice, through your dentist oversight.

Teeth Whitening Through Toothpaste

One of the least costly as well as most accessible whitening method that is available is that of tooth whitening toothpaste. Numerous individuals try these toothpastes to increase the brightness of their smiles prior to getting the more expensive whitening treatments. Sadly, these types of toothpastes that encourage whiter teeth simply take away stains from a persons teeth through the use of mild abrasives. The reality is they don’t actually whiten your teeth in the way people think.

This fact is not very surprising when you take into consideration that the toothpaste only comes in contact with the surface of a persons teeth for a very short time period, and whatever agents used for whitening are very diluted because of the contact with the water and your own saliva you use to moisten your own toothbrush.

Home Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments that are sold over the counter are typically the most popular method to brighten a persons teeth, These types of treatments normally are made up of strips that are coated with bleaching gel that the user sticks to the six front teeth on both the top and bottom of their mouth.

These strips are typically very effective; your teeth will be noticeably whiter once you finish a two-week treatment of them. Nevertheless, there are some individuals who report going through a period of both tooth as well as gum sensitivity after utilizing bleaching gel; then there are other people who have complaints that the gel’s taste stays in their mouth after they have completed the treatment. And lastly, there have been some individuals who have complained that this methods overall effect is to whiten their teeth in an irregular way, leaving areas of discoloration where the strips do not stick completely to the teeth they were supposed to.

Additionally, there are some individuals who show more then just their 6 front teeth whenever they smile. People who see these individuals smile might be able to notice a variance in the color from the teeth that are treated and the teeth that want untreated.

Whitening Your Teeth Under Your Dentists Supervision

One of the most effective methods of getting your teeth whitened is to get them whitened professionally through your dentist or a hygienist. These types of professionals have the knowledge as well as the resources to prescribe a more concentrated and more powerful substance of bleach than many home whitening remedies have within them. Your dentist also has the ability to make up custom trays to hold the bleaching gel in place against your teeth.

There are some dentists that utilize whitening gels in combination with a unique light which augments the brightening properties of the special gels. These teeth whitening treatments have a tendency to be more expensive than the do-it-yourself methods around, yet they typically have a longer lasting effect, more consistent results throughout your whole mouth, not simply your 12 front teeth.

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