Definition of Clinical Depression

October 8, 2008 by admin 

You would be abnormal if you never ever had a bad day or felt depressed because it happens to all of us.  A friend or family member passing in death, a job loss or financial setback, or a prolonged illness can make even the strongest and most resilient person to feel upset and sad.  However, what is meant by the term clinical depression?  How is this different from just feeling sad and blue?When is it the right time with clinical depression to go see a doctor?  There are a few things to consider about this subject.

The term Clinical Depression actually refers to an emotional disorder that is not caused by external elements such as a job loss or death in the family, but by a defect in the brain’s ability to regulate certain chemicals in the brain.Its sadness that comes from these chemicals not releasing in time or in the right amounts.  This means he or she is upset or gloomy even when they are at good events or are doing things that normally should make them happy.  It’s important to understand that clinical depression is caused by this physical defect or deformity because some people think that all they need to do is take a vacation or change some other circumstances in their life and their depression will go away.  Unfortunately this is a very simplistic approach to the problem.

Those with clinical depression usually have very little self-esteem as they are no longer concerned with or care about virtually anything, including themselves personally.  They may neglect their responsibilities around the house, at their job, and even when it comes to their own family and may even neglect their own hygiene and personal appearance.  All of this comes from the overwhelming feelings of malaise or disinterest that are typical with clinical depression.  A person suffering from this condition just does not have much of an interest in anything and seems to be constantly thinking “what’s the point?”  This feeling often persists at all times and for years; it doesn’t let up even when faced with things they should have enjoyment in such as hobbies, friends, and even sexual activity.

Clinical Depression is often different from general sadness in that it is a very deep feeling of sadness, not just a pessimistic attitude or “blue” feeling.  It can even lead to suicidal thoughts and tendencies.  The depths of one’s feelings have a lot to do with whether or not you actually have a condition or are just going through a bad patch.

A doctors opinion should be considered if you are having odd feelings for weeks on end that include neglecting your own personal care and that of your family.  There are many treatment options today for those who suffer from this condition from medication to group therapy and self-help methods.  Many of these treatment methods are also covered by prescription plans as well.

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