Do You Know What’s Keeping You Awake at Night?

September 14, 2008 by admin 

There are many factors which might play a part in keeping you sleepless during the night. For instance, issues such as when you get out of bed in the morning and the time at which you fall sleep at night, as well as how long before bedtime you finished eating, can all impact a sound sleep. By simply examining your frame of mind or your worries and concerns, you might be able to figure out just what the cause of your insomnia is.

When you understand the source of your sleep troubles you will be in a better position to treat your insomnia, even though it might be the result of a health issue.

External Causes of Insomnia

Is your bedroom a haven of relaxation? Or is it merely an annex of your workplace? If you answered yes to the latter question, then it just might be your surroundings which are contributing to your insomnia. It’s important that your bedroom be peaceful and calming.

Once you realize that your bedroom is not a soothing place, then you can work out how to transform it. Making it comfy and pleasant will help to put an end to your sleeplessness. Also, redecorate with light-blocking blinds or heavy drapery to keep out the light. This goes a long way towards curing insomnia.

Do you drink a lot of coffee throughout the day? If you have more than a couple cups, it’s bound to aggravate your sleeping problems. Indeed, overindulging in caffeine or alcohol is a leading cause of chronic insomnia.

How’s Your Health?

Coffee is a real problem, but the reason for your insomnia could be considerably more alarming than that. It might be a medical condition which is keeping you up at night, especially if you have just received the news of a problem from your doctor.

The bad news and your awareness of the problem might keep you anxious and awake when you should be sleeping. Heart disease, hypertension, and Parkinson’s are just a few of the diseases which contribute to insomnia.

If you think there’s a possibility that you might have any of these diseases then you should make an appointment with your physician to find out for sure, especially if you’ve made unsuccessful efforts to unwind before bed in calm and peaceful surroundings.

Insomnia is often ignored as a minor inconvenience, but it might indeed be disguising a more severe illness.

Keira Adams is a health and wellness writer who is a frequent contributor to Insomnia Relief, where you can learn all about the causes, cures and treatments for insomnia.


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