Hemroids Treatment & Cure

October 1, 2008 by admin 

Hemroids (or hemorrhoids) are something we all have, being found within the anal canal as ‘anal cushions.’ However, when these anal cushions swell they form what is typically called ‘piles’, hemroids or hemorrhoids (not a technically correct term.) They can sometimes swell to the size of a grape. Some people think that hemroids are varicose veins, which they are not. Hemroids can be itchy, irritating, painful and can often cause bleeding in the anal area.

There are two kind of hemroids – internal and external. Both have the same causes, although no single theory for the causes of hemroids has been ultimately proven. Some of the causes are : straining during bowel movement, having a low-fiber diet, or excessive toilet time. There may also be genetic causes or hemroids caused through complications of disease (such as cancer.) Internal hemroids develop from inside the anal canal, and may become so swelled and pulled due to stools that they eventually protrude out from their normal area. There are four types of internal hemroids, depending on the severity :

1) First degree hemroid – these are found on the lining inside the anal canal. They generally bleed, but cannot be seen outside the anus.

2) Second degree hemroid – these have swelled to a significantly larger size to the above, and stick out from the anus when the bowels are opened; however, they protract afterwards.

3) Third degree hemroid – similar to second degree hemroid, however they do not protract back into the anal canal themselves and need to be pushed back manually.

4) Fourth degree hemroid – these hang from the anus but cannot even be pushed back inside. They can become incredibly swollen, and very painful. The worst kind can even result in gangrene if they are not attended to.

External hemroids can be quite painful and develop as bulges from the anus. A painful anal lump can form if blood clots inside them (which is known as thrombosis.)

Hemroids, internal or external, may require surgery if they become too serious. Hemroid treatments include Banding (a small elastic band placed above the hemroid, which cuts off the blood supply to the hemroid and allows it to die and fall off after a few days) or Sclerotherapy (similar to Banding, except it involves an injection that causes the hemroid to shrink and fall off.) More serious treatments include surgical removal.

Self-help techniques for prevention of hemroids may include a diet change (including more fibers in your diet) and drinking a lot of water (to allow for softer bowel movement.) There are also many soothing creams and ointments available, many of them that can be found at the local drug store. Suppositories can also help. However, many of these pharmaceutical products only help to relieve the hemroids and do not heal them. For this reason, many natural remedies have been found to work very well for curing hemroids, through the use of creams and ointments made from natural ingredients. These can often be significantly cheaper, and much more effective.


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