How To Help Stop Snoring Quickly

August 26, 2008 by admin 

Do you have a loved one that is keeping you up all night because of their snoring?  If so do you want to know how to help stop their snoring? Well firstly you need to determine the causes for the snoring. It is not hard to find the reasons for the snoring, but you will then need to look at  all the different ways you can learn how to help stop snoring to find the right cure for them.

 Things to look at

  1.  Look at your loved one life style and daily habits. Are they overweight? People who have excess body fat are more prone to snore that people who don’t. Getting more exercise and watching the food that they are eating and drinking can help. Alcohol, drugs and smoking all contribute to the snoring problem. If they can cut these things from their lives, they may be able to reduce or learn how to stop snoring.
  2.  Another problem could be high blood pressure or trouble breathing while sleeping; this is may be sleep apnea. This is a condition that they need to consult a doctor about. 
  3. Start your investigation on by changing the sleeping area that they are in. Look at how many pillows they use. Try one pillow since more pillows will change the shaped of the nasal passages. If they are congested though, they should still elevate their head to prevent snoring. Get them to try different sleeping positions such as on their stomach, in this position they are less likely to snore. There are also anti-snoring pillows available, although these do not work for everyone.
  4. Medication can also be another reason for the cause of snoring depending on what the medication is. Many antihistamines and sleeping medications will cause snoring. If allergies are the problem, then a consultation with a doctor will help solve this problem.

Possible solutions

Possible solutions on how to help stop snoring are nasal strips are some of the best products they can use to stop snoring and they can be purchased over the counter. By opening up the nasal passages many people are able to reduce the amount of snoring that they do at night.

Snoring may be annoying, but if your loved one has trouble breathing at night or find themselves stop breathing while they are snoring, they will want to consult a doctor who will then refer them to a sleep specialist that will be able to better help with you problem.


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