Some Tips for Coping With Depression

October 8, 2008 by admin 

It’s true that Coping with Depression is very difficult.  There are many different forms of depression and it affects each patient differently.  In addition to this, depression often affects those around the patient as well – children and spouses may be neglected, work habits become shoddy, and the patient’s friends and family are often ignored.  This isn’t because the depressed person no longer cares about themselves or those around them, but this is part of coping with depression.  The disease takes away the person’s motivation and interest level in virtually everything, even their own family and career.  Those that are concerned with the patient’s well being and the well being of those around them would do well to consider some tips for treating and coping with depression.

The first thing to remember is that depression is a disease.  It is not a weakness of character or something that a person can just snap out of.  It’s also not as simple as a case of the blues or being pessimistic.  When Dealing with Depression a person needs to remember that frustration at the condition, as well as anger and guilt, are part of the disease and part of dealing with how a person is affected by it.  Adding to that frustration, anger and guilt by acting as if the person is bringing it on themselves or by reminding them of how other people are suffering is not going to help when coping with depression. 

However a person should not assume that because they are coping with depression that this means they are off the hook when it comes to their relationships and responsibilities.  Staying in bed, isolating oneself, ignoring those around you is only going to make the situation worse.  While being involved with friends, family, and work is not a fix or cure for the disease it does seem to help those coping with depression.  The more active one is and the more connections he or she continues, the better they feel overall and this may alleviate some of the symptoms of depression.

Physical activity is one of the least favorite things of those coping with depression but it’s also one of the most important.  Exercise helps to increase blood and oxygen circulation and helps the body to be healthy overall, including the brain itself.  Most who are coping with depression have a hard time even getting out of bed much less do they feel like being physically active, but while exercise is no cure for depression it does help one to cope with it effectively.  Exercise also helps a person to feel good about themselves and this too alleviates the symptoms of depression.

Its not a lie that it takes work to deal with depression for all involved with the patient but make no mistake, it can be done.  When it is faced as a disease, and when there is adequate support and encouragement, a person can deal effectively with the situation.Its important to remember that it will be very difficult and most likely it will last a lifetime.

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